E3 2021 – Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer at Microsoft conference

E3 2021 - Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer at Microsoft conference

A few days ago we left you a preview of everything that Battlefield 2042 will offer when it launches on October 22, but we had to wait until Microsoft’s conference at E3 2021 to see the first gameplay sequences.

It is just a few minutes of play in which you can already see how far the FPS developed by DICE will go, with the collaboration of different EA studios: DICE Los Angeles, Criterion, Electronic Arts Gothenburg and Industrial Toys. It is also the first sample of what the Latest version of Frostbite engine on next gen, Xbox Series X and PS5 consoles.

In this game sequence you can see images of the Conquest mode (64 vs 64 players) in the Hourglass stage, which is set in a city in Qatar. The first gameplay combines some classic elements of the saga (such as the “sandbox” component that allows situations as crazy as launching a quad from a roof to shoot down a helicopter) and the impressive size of the stages – the largest in the world. saga, with a maximum of 5.9 square km-.

But it has also served us as a first contact with the Futuristic setting, with weapons and vehicles evolved from real models, both on the side of Russia and in the United States.

The most spectacular thing, without a doubt, is the transformation of the levels in real time. On the Hourglass map, in addition to the destruction caused by combat, we find a sandstorm that completely transforms the battlefield.

We take the opportunity to leave you some details of the new Battlefield, such as the end of the traditional classes, in exchange for the 10 specialists. Each of these soldiers has a unique gadget, but weapons and perks can be freely chosen. The idea is that players have more customization possibilities.

Battlefield 2042

At the moment, we have been introduced to the first 4 specialists. Webster McKay belongs to the assault class and has a grapple, which allows him to move with speed and climb medium-rise buildings. His “perk” allows him to move faster. María Falk is the doctor, she has a perk that allows to recover the full health of the allies and is equipped with an S21 pistol to launch syringes at a distance.

The engineer, Boris, has an SG36 surveillance turret and a perk that enhances his ability to detect enemies if the specialist is nearby, and finally Casper (recon or sniper) It has a motion sensor and a recon drone. When we asked the studio if this new system would end the enormous superiority of snipers in previous games, they answered us that they are built precisely to be more balanced than ever.

For the moment, DICE and Electronic Arts FPS features 4 multiplayer game modes. The gameplay trailer shows the classic Conquest, which encourages us to control a series of sectors, with the use of vehicles and the maximum number of players (128 or 64 depending on the version).

The second mode that has been introduced is Breakthrough, and it shows a changing battlefield as attackers advance the front line. It is also a mode that has been recovered from previous games.

The main novelty is that for the first time we can play in these modes against the AI. Adding bots is a way to allow newcomers to practice their skills – as well as level up and unlock items. We can play alone, or with friends in a game of humans against bots. It is a good substitute for the campaign.

The two additional modes, yet to be announced, will offer different experiences. Hazard Zone, which will be shown on July 22 as part of the EA Play conference, will be a squad experience that veterans will love. What they have assured us is that Battlefield 2042 will not have battle royale mode.

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