A Plague Tale Requiem, on Game Pass from launch day (in 2022)

A Plague Tale Requiem, on Game Pass from launch day (in 2022)

We continue with our coverage of E3 2021, this time talking about the sequel to A Tale Plague, A Plague Tale Requiem, confirming your arrival at Xbox Series X | S, the game in the cloud and PC (At this time we do not know if it will reach more platforms).

What the trailer has also confirmed is that it will be available on Game Pass from launch day, which will be sometime in 2022, yet to be confirmed. You can see the trailer for A Plague Tale Requiem below these lines

The truth is that it is a very spectacular cinematic trailer, which once again puts the focus back on the gigantic plague of rats that ravaged Europe, interspersing all sorts of stabbings and “betrayals” in between.

Much more information about the game is unknown, apart from confirming the return of the protagonists of the original game, but as a touchstone, the trailer has been impressive and has fulfilled its role, creating expectation especially among those who enjoyed the first game.

You can follow all the news from the Microsoft conference in our summary, where we have already told you the last hour of Starfield or Halo Infinite.

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