Twilight of the Gods: Zack Snyder announces title and cast of his new Netflix anime series

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Zack snyder does not stop embarking on new projects and, after his latest feature film released in Netflix, Army of the dead made by Dave Bautista, the American director will produce new content for the streaming platform, this time as an anime series.

Since 300, you could already see Snyder’s affinity for classical mythology and Ga’Hoole: Legend of the Guardians He has already put one foot into the world of animation while continuing to explore myths, both concepts that he is going to fuse in part to continue exploiting them now. His next series has just confirmed title: Twilight of the gods, and makes Snyder return to mythology, although in this case to the norse mythology, already animation, but now with aesthetics anime.

In addition to the title, Netflix has also confirmed who will be the actors and actresses who will lend their voices in the series. Then we leave you with their names and the role they are going to play:

  • John Noble in the role of Odin
  • Paterson Joseph in the role of Loki
  • Corey Still as Hrafnkel
  • Jamie Chung as Hel
  • Jamie Clayton as The Seid-Kona
  • Kristopher Hivju in the role of Andvari
  • Lauren Cohan as Inge
  • Peter Stormare in the role of Ulfr
  • Pilou Asbæk in the role of Thor
  • Rahul Kohli in the role of Egill
  • Stuart Martin as Leif

For now we do not have an approximate release date for Twilight of the gods Nor have more details been shared about the plot of the series, but seeing the characters that will intervene in it and, if we have certain notions about the Nordic myths, we can get an idea about the topics that could be covered in it.

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