There is nothing better than brand new shoes, but do you know how you can overcome that? When new shoes, in addition to being just released, are as cool as the ones we bring you here.

Nike is going to launch a new line of sports shoes that it has baptized with the name of “Nike And The Mighty Swooshers“, Which means something like”Nike and the mighty Swooshers“, Being the Swoosh the famous logo of the company whose name refers to the rapid movement of the wind.

Although the shoes do not have any official license, but have simply been inspired by different japanese animeIt is true that we can find references if we look closely at them. For example, in the first pair it is possible to appreciate the shape of Gundam what is in the design of the Swoosh, or the character on the side that could belong to the series of Evangelion. As an additional detail to these Air force 1, the elements that cover the shoe are glued with velcro and can be removed to reveal a sober black interior, as if it were a wick.

The second pair, of model AJ1 Low, It is somewhat more discreet, with an exterior in pink tones and much more striking soles that reveal a pair of expressive eyes that seem to be torn from the pages of a manga. Both models in the Nike sneaker collection will go on sale sometime in 2021.

Here we leave you with a gallery of the two models:

This is not the first time that Nike has created sneakers inspired by things that we love. A few years ago it brought out the Nike Nintendo 64, which even had the details of the “Reset” and Power “buttons on the tabs. But in the absence of having your Nike ideal, you can also get your custom models from, for example, Pokemon.