Unreal Engine 5 performs better with the Radeon RX 6000

TSR Unreal Engine 5

Digital Foundry has published a performance analysis of the Unreal Engine 5 using different graphics cards, and they have come to a quite interesting conclusion, we are facing a graphics engine that is optimized for work better with Radeon RX 6000, At least for now, as Epic Games itself confirmed that there are still certain optimizations that are available on consoles, but not on the PC version of Unreal Engine 5, such as asynchronous computing and meshed shaders, which means no we are facing a definitive result.

This is something curious because, in fact, the veteran Unreal Engine 4 has shown to have an optimization that favors more NVIDIA graphics solutions, and this has been noticed in multiple games, although we can say that Outriders is the most recent case. Controversies aside, the issue of optimization in different games, or under different graphics engines, to favor a certain architecture, or graphics cards of one brand or another, It is not something new, and it is not something that will disappear overnight.

However, in the case of the Unreal Engine 5 interesting and deserves our attention because we are before one of the most important graphics engines that will undoubtedly mark the future of many of the new generation games. Many developers will end up using the Unreal Engine 5 instead of creating their own graphics engine, although we will also see exceptions, obviously, such as Capcom with its RE Engine, Ubisoft with the Snowdrop, CDPR with the RED Engine or id Software with the idTech 7.

Unreal Engine 5: Radeon RX 6800 XT outperforms RTX 3080

At least in the demo, and get a difference of up to 12%. Both graphics cards are direct rivals, both for price and performance, and in this test TSR rescaling technology has been used, which renders in 1080p and resizes to 4K, and Lumen, which achieves highly realistic global illumination. The result achieved by TSR rescaling seems pretty good in motion, but when we look closely at it we see that the reality is very different.

The attached image, which you can enlarge by clicking on it, speaks for itself. We have huge saw teeth (“aliasing”), a very blurry appearance in the whole scene and artifacts typical of the image reconstruction process are appreciated in the hair. The performance improvement it achieves is, according to the data provided by Epic Games itself, more than double, since in a demonstration we saw that it could go from 18 FPS to 43 FPS, but it is evident that it is not achieved miraculously, and that the loss of graphic quality is very marked.

In this review, Digital Foundry also rates the performance of the Unreal Engine 5 with older graphics solutions such as the Radeon RX 5700 and RTX 2060 Super, and in this case the second turns out to be a little more powerful than the first, although the difference is very small. The final part of the video talks about the scalability of the graphics engine, which seems to be quite good, and the graphics memory consumption, which is around the 4.866 MB, a figure that seems to configure that 4 GB will not be enough for the next generation of games, but that having 8 GB will allow us to play for a long time without worries.


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