They create a homemade version of the Disneyland Star Wars simulator for their daughter’s birthday, and it’s amazing

They create a homemade version of the Disneyland Star Wars simulator for their daughter's birthday, and it's amazing

Due to the pandemic, many children and adults have not been able to enjoy the theme parks with licenses as beloved as Star Wars for many months, but a family has managed to create, in their own garage. home, one of the most spectacular attractions of this film license, and with Darth Vader included.

And it is that some great parents have decided to create a homemade version of Star Tours in your own garage to celebrate the birthday party of one of his children.

In the video posted on YouTube, simply titled “Disneyland Star Tours home attraction”, they explain that it was all an idea that, in principle, was going to premiere for their daughter’s birthday in fall 2019, but that they had to delay it for the theme of the pandemic.

The attraction of the garage is totally spectacular, and mimics the original version of Star Tours from 1987, where we can see a cabin in the shape of a space shuttle, and a garage with many details about this film license, including droids.

We presumably see the father playing Han Solo, the mother being Princess Leia and some friend or actor in the form of Darth Vader, and with a lightsaber.

Most of the attraction happens inside the space shuttle, a cockpit that moves in unison with the video that appears on television and that seems to imitate a journey in a spaceship full of dangers.

It is a great detail of this family with their children, at a birthday party that will not have been cheap, but that they have also taken the opportunity to invite part of the neighborhood to enjoy this cinematographic experience in their own garage.

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