These are the Nike Air Force that every fan of Pokémon Gold and Silver will want to have in their collection

These are the Nike Air Force that every fan of Pokémon Gold and Silver will want to have in their collection

Following a huge success from the first Pokémon games, Gold and Silver arrived to give continuity to the RPG saga. As the maximum representatives of the second generation and with some remakes in Nintendo DS that left a good taste in the mouth, these two titles are well remembered, in part, thanks to their legendary duo.

Looking at the headline, you can already imagine where the Pokeballs go and that is, the tributes to these they deliver go beyond fan arts, dolls and other products. The world of sneakers and that of video games coincide more than it seems and These hand-tailored Nike’s are what every Pokémon fan wishes they had.

The collection of sneakers is something fully established and therefore, the latest creation of a fan has swept social networks. The Reddit user genna903, known as Charme Custums is dedicated to hand paint white nike air force and to personalize them with motifs related to pop culture.

Of course, Pokémon has not missed its appointment and already has its own design. Ho-oh and Lugia have been captured with magnificent accuracy on each back of the Nike pair. The legendary Pokémon Gold and Silver have been immortalized in a sneaker model which is already unique in the world and has been loved by more than eight thousand people in the forum.

Such has been the popularity of the design that many fans they have asked if they were for sale to get them, following the traditional motto of the Pokémon saga by heart. What do you think about the design? This is not the only shoe model that has caused a sensation and there is everything on its page.

Nike has already had a few approaches to video games. A year ago we were talking about the Nike inspired by Nintendo 64 and this year PlayStation presented the collaboration with Paul George for the Nike PG 5 PlayStation 5. Would you like to see a new official Pokémon model launched?

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