Superman will star in a manga whose great challenge is … Eating in restaurants!

Superman will star in a manga whose great challenge is ... Eating in restaurants!

Being Superman is not easy. Kal’EL spends the day avoiding calamities, arresting criminals, and making sure that both Metropyles as the whole world are safe from any threat that may arise. And of course, so much Kryptonian calorie burning … makes you hungry. Good old Superman gained a great deal of popularity after World War II, when American soldiers brought DC comics to the Japanese archipelago.

The influence of Superman in the world of manga it is very important, and not only in the official (or unofficial) adaptations of the dc comics Made with the characteristic style of the Asian country, but also as a source of inspiration for manga like Dragon Ball or, more recently, My Hero Academia.

All this has led the publisher Kodansha to make a colorful collaboration with DC Comics to launch a new manga series starring Superman in which each issue will see the iconic superhero tasting Japanese cuisine.

As reported by the Manga Mogura account through Twitter, Superman VS Meishi you will see how the man of steel goes through a series of adventures in the pages of the manga, where he will also visit numerous Japanese restaurants where he will try not so “international” dishes such as ramen or sushi. It will be written by Miyagawa satoshi and illustrated by Kitago kai and will begin publication on June 22nd in issue 14 of the magazine Evening.

Now he has made us hungry. What do you think of the idea of ​​seeing Superman eating in Japanese restaurants in this new manga?

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