Ratchet & Clank A dimension apart Tips and tricks to start playing

Ratchet & Clank A dimension apart Tips and tricks to start playing

Already on sale Ratchet and Clank A Dimension Apart for PS5, and before we start playing we leave you some tricks and tips so you can get the most out of the game from Insomniac Games (also responsible for Spider-Man Miles Morales).

A separate dimension includes new elements in the classic action and platforming development. If you want to discover everything the game offers, here is our analysis of Ratchet & Clank A dimension apart, and if you want to discover any curiosity, do not miss our interview with the voices in Spanish of Ratchet, Clank and Rivet.

And now we go with all those tricks that the game does not tell you and that will help you if you get stuck at any point in Ratchet and Clank.

Fidelity, performance and ray tracing modes

Our recommendation to fully enjoy the game is to start in fidelity mode, at 30 FPS, with dynamic 4K resolution and ray traced lighting effects. On the second lap, or when we have unlocked the challenge mode, we can try the 60 FPS mode, which plays better but is not as spectacular.

Modify game speed

Among the accessibility options, Ratchet and Clank lets you slow down the action, in case we get stuck at some point in “skating on rails”, which requires alternating movements such as the “wallrun” or the use of the hook. In slow motion, everything is much easier … and we are not going to miss any of the raritanium crystals that pass us at full speed.

This help can be activated in the accessibility options. We can also activate lifeline to avoid leaving the stage by mistake or select a target route so that Ratchet will automatically look towards his next destination if we find ourselves lost.

Explore every corner

There are a number of trophies related to exploration, such as collecting the lombaspheres, the teddy bears or the golden jitters that require us to explore every corner of each planet. Spy robots can give us information about planets that has passed us in our journey.

Collecting the golden jitters gives us access to tricks like changing the appearance of the ship, changing the appearance of the hammer, activating the bighead mode (or with tiny heads), or modify the filters and the effects that accompany the defeat of the enemies.

In total there are 25 in-game gold jits, 10 spy robots, and 12 lombaspheres.

Combine the movements double jump, ghost run, wall run

Navigation in Ratchet & Clank A separate dimension rests on the combination of jumping, gliding, ghost running or wall running. If we manage to alternate all of them together with skating (with propelled boots) we will be able to access any part of the stage.

In the accessibility options we can Activate Lifeline, Auto Glide, or Turbo, in case you have difficulties with any of these movements.

Master the weapon change

Combat in Ratchet & Clank has a strategic component that is based on the use of weapons. Combinations such as the poisoner with the punisher must be mastered, or the volley for unique enemies in flight. During the weapon change the action slows down, so we will have the possibility to think about what arsenal we are going to take advantage of at each moment.

Ratchet and Clank EMBARGO June 8 4:00 PM

We can also assign our 4 favorite weapons to a quick pick system, using the Dualsense digital crosshead.

Level up the glove of the apocalypse, pruner and other automatic weapons

Certain weapons have an automatic behavior, which is devastating in combat. The glove of the apocalypse creates an army of clanks that fight for us, the mower uses sprinklers to turn enemies into plants temporarily, and we also have toxic fungi that are released with the mushroom.

It is important to level up the weapons as soon as possible (with their use) and Unlock all upgrades with Raritanium upon reaching the store.

Complete all the challenges in the tavern

The tavern has a combat arena, in which to participate in three categories of events. The rewards for completing these arenas are very juicy, and they do not present too much difficulty. Our advice is that we adhere to the bronze, silver and gold categories as soon as they are available (we visit them on different occasions throughout history).

All three pieces of the same armor

Get full armor grants additional bonuses, in addition to the advantages that we get with each of the pieces (head, torso and legs) separately. We can change armor at any time to benefit from these bonuses; for example, depending on the type of enemy in each level (native creatures, pirates or minions of Nefarius).

Ratchet and Clank EMBARGO June 8 4:00 PM

In total there are 8 full armor in the game, and most of the parts can be found in the dimensional pockets that are scattered around the planets.

Check the map before leaving each planet

In the game map (by pressing the touch panel of the dualsense controller) we can discover the location of golden jitters or raritanium crystals that we have overlooked. It is always advisable to review which areas are “dark” to see what we have left to explore.

How to disable challenge mode

Just finish the story at any difficulty level to unlock this extra game mode, in which we have access to Omega weapons and new missions. The difficulty is a bit higher, but we will also be armed with a superior arsenal.

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