R-Type Final 2 cheats: codes to unlock the game’s hidden ships

R-Type Final 2 cheats: codes to unlock the game's hidden ships

R-Type Final 2, title that is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (via Steam), offers us the opportunity to return to being children with its retro arcade killer proposal that continues to hook like few others and that, in short, achieves with its purpose to amuse with the tone of the old school.

After more than ten years waiting for a game in this franchise, R-Type Final 2 invites the player to move through scenarios full of gunshots, ships and all kinds of lights and stimuli. And we have to talk about stimuli, because if you are one of those who has already completed the game, you should know that there is extra material waiting for you in the form of two hidden ships.

R-Type Final 2 cheats: codes to unlock the game’s hidden ships

Unlocking the extras in this game is not a difficult task, but it may be impossible to figure out if you don’t know the codes to enter and where to do it. They are just a series of simple steps. Here we leave them:

The first thing you should do is go to the R Museum and look for the holes that are even with R9A2 Delta and R9 Shooting Star. In each of them you must enter a specific code with which you will unlock two ships. The passwords, let’s call them that way, are as follows:

  • R-9A3 Ladylove: loveandpeace
  • R-9B Strider: granzella

As you can see, there is not much more mystery when it comes to unlocking these ships. If by chance you have not been able to know in depth the return of one of those classics that always turn out to be powerfully addictive, here we leave you our analysis R-Type Final 2: the R9 takes flight on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PC .

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