Over 40 Xbox Series X | S and One game demos will be available next week at Summer Game Fest Demo

Over 40 Xbox Series X | S and One game demos will be available next week at Summer Game Fest Demo

The pandemic caused real havoc in the video game industry, but one of the great novelties that came to stay was Summer Game Fest 2021. Take a look at the summary of the inaugural conference, which took place yesterday with Amazing Elden Ring, Season 4 COD Warzone announcements and much more. But be careful, because there is still cloth to cut …

Microsoft has announced the second edition of ID Xbox Summer Game Fest Demo, a celebration that began last year, and that allows players to enjoy many demos of titles from the ID Xbox program, which we saw an event a few months ago. Starting next week, they will be available nearly 40 demos of indies and other Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One titles.

Those of Redmond were very satisfied with the positive comments last year, so they have decided to start this second edition of Summer Game Fest Demo, which will take place from June 15 to 21. As with Steam festivals, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One users will be able to download special demos of quite a handful of games.

One thing should be noted: these are not final demos, since in many cases it is about early access versions, betas and title demos coming in a year or more. Therefore, the experience will not be as close to the final product, so certain bugs, bugs or aspects of the following titles may change in the coming months.

Microsoft has also announced that these almost 40 demos will only be available next week, although it is possible that they will be shared again in a timely manner. Also, to the Xbox ID studios They will like to know your opinion about these demos, so Microsoft invites you to write to them on social networks to comment on suggestions for each game.

These are some of the games that are part of Summer Game Fest Demo, from ID Xbox, which begins June 15:

The Riftbreaker

  • Saber
  • Lake
  • The Riftbreaker
  • Echo Generation
  • Tunic

Of course these they are only 5 of the many titles that will be present in the Xbox ID program. The full list has yet to be revealed, but nearly 40 demos are expected to be released progressively from the June 15-21, available to Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One users for free.

If you want to know what they are about some of these Xbox ID titles, access the official link on the Xbox website and you will be able to discover more details about them. Remember that you can download all these trial versions on your Xbox console … and thus open your mouth about what will come in later months.

Fountain: Xbox Wire

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