Nfortec expands its liquid cooling solutions with Atria 360

Nfortec Atria 360 refrigeración líquida pc

After the good reception of the Nfortec Atria 240, the Spanish company has decided to expand its family of liquid cooling systems for computers with the incorporation of the new Atria 360, which as its name suggests, will have a new larger model with a variant with a 360-millimeter radiator, yes, maintaining its characteristic silent performance.

Its ventilation design employs 7 blades, housed in a slim and light looking frame, but tough. It incorporates anti-vibration pads that improve the efficiency of heat dissipation, and favor the absorption of noise so that silence reigns in your set-up.

RGB Atria 360 liquid cooling is compatible with the vast majority of microprocessors on the market (Intel / AMD). As a novelty, and so that your PC is always updated to the latest version of the changing world of hardware, Atria 360 is compatible up to the 10th generation of the Intel socket 1200.

As we anticipated at the beginning, the Nfortec Atria 360 will be available in three size versions, with a model smaller than 120mm for an optimal ventilation flow, a 240mm double fan system for configurations that require an extra, and the jewel in the crown, with a radiator with three fans and a size of 360mm that will allow us to say goodbye. from high temperatures.

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In addition, again we will have two color versions, with two variants in black and white that will fit in any setup. Although without a doubt what will attract the most attention will be your RGB color add-ons both in the fans and in the CPU cooler itself, which we can synchronize with our tower thanks to the presence of a standard 5v 3pin A-RGB connector, compatible with practically any component and brand on the market.

Thus, in the same way that we already showed with its predecessor, we will not need to be experts in the assembly of computers to carry out the installation of this liquid cooling system, with a really simple assembly It will only take us three steps and a few minutes.

Availability and price

Currently we can already find the Atria 360 as a pre-purchase on the official website of Nfortec, with a starting price that will start at 64.95 euros for its smaller model and will go up to 119.95 euros in its higher power variant. Although as the company has already confirmed, soon we will also be able to find it available in other local distributors such as PcComponents Y Amazon.

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