New video from the shooting of Indiana Jones 5 that seems to confirm the return of Indy’s archenemies

New video from the shooting of Indiana Jones 5 that seems to confirm the return of Indy's archenemies

Despite the fact that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull tried with all its essence, it turned out to be a movie of Indiana Jones without one of its main components … nazis! With the exception (indeed partial) of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the original films in the franchise starring Harrison ford they counted on Hitler’s fanatical forces as their great rivals, exploiting the German dictator’s attraction to the occult.

It seems that Indiana Jones 5 intends, either through flashbacks or some other script play, to bring the Nazis back to the fore so that Indy brings out his cunning, his whip and his contempt for the Nazis again.

Via NWMR images of the filming of Indiana Jones 5, where we can see an old train that will be used in the filming of the film (let me say that it is amazing to see one of these old locomotives working in that way today).

In the video, we can see how the wagons and the train’s own locomotive are decorated with the swastika and Nazi symbols, although we do not know if this train will be used in flashbacks or if really a part of the Nazi forces is still hidden decades after the end of World War II. Yesterday, in fact, we showed you some alleged leaks where Indiana Jones 5 conceptual arts were seen that also reflected the return of the Nazis, although as their origin is very diffuse, we will treat them as rumors for the moment.

What do you expect from the return of the Nazis in Indiana Jones 5?

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