Microsoft targets Windows 11 again in promotional video

Windows 11

Windows 11 has come to light again and this time from the hand of Microsoft itself. Or to be more precise of your marketing department that is leaving us breadcrumbs to warm up the atmosphere of “The biggest Windows update in years”. Or everything is the product of our imagination …

Microsoft announced a few weeks ago holding an event in early summer to talk about «the future of windows«. The event is extraordinary for several reasons and the first is that it is unusual for the same CEO, Satya Nadella, to participate (together with the head of Windows, Panos Panay) in an event at the end of June where the staff are thinking more about the holidays than about anything else and where it will speak exclusively of a client operating system.

The second detail (and the one that begins to open the speculation of Windows 11) is the time of the event, at 11 am ET, on another date / time that is not usual for a conference. The third already comes from the most imaginative, because the tweet where the presentation is announced and whose image you see on the cover suggests a number “11” where the window grid is reflected.

11 minute video = Windows 11?

Now we have another clue, although we must continue to throw imagination into the matter. Turns out that Microsoft has posted a video on YouTube where remix Windows startup sounds on a single track in slow motion. Ironically, Windows hasn’t had a distinctive startup sound since Windows 8.

Additionally, Microsoft seems to have a unique concept of what constitutes a slow, relaxing tune. Personally, when I want to relax I rock the amplifier – without disturbing the neighbors – with some classical or Queen’s greatest hits that at least de-stress me. The video does not go very there (for my taste) but, oh surprise, lasts exactly 11 minutes, not a second more, not less.

We do not tire you anymore and let you relax … We have talked endlessly about the need to turn the page of a Windows 10 that has not met expectations. A Windows 11, as we understand it, poses enormous challenges (new kernel, new user interface, better application support or the abandonment of legacy components while maintaining the huge Windows ecosystem).

Will Microsoft dare to take the risks that this entails? Hopefully. The problem with overdoing the brakes in marketing and creating too many expectations is that they are harder to meet. If Nadella is going to talk to us about the benefits of Windows 10 21H2, turn off and let’s go! Hopefully it’s a real Windows 11, “The biggest Windows update in years”, as they promise.

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