Microsoft Surface Duo 2: in September and with a much-needed update

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Microsoft Surface Duo 2, the second generation of the smartphone with which the software giant returned to the mobile phone industry after the failed adventure with Nokia, has re-emerged from the internet rumor mill in the same week that the original model has reached the European market.

There is talk of a launch in September and an update in the hardware section. And it is that the Microsoft smartphone urgently needs it. Its announcement in late 2019 and the delay in launch caused the original to hit the market out of date on in-house hardware.

Qualcomm has released three superior performance chipsets to the Snapdragon 855 that mounts the original Surface and the 6 Gbytes of RAM seem short compared to other top of the range. And it doesn’t have 5G which is unjustifiable for a terminal of this level in 2021. It also does not have Wi-Fi 6 or the latest version of Bluetooth, while the capacity of the is quite fair.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2

Taking into account the great appeal of this type of folding device and that its shortcomings are too important, we are clear that an updated model should arrive shortly.

Support for 5G mobile broadband networks it will be a priority for the second version. Taking into account its dual-screen design in which there is no excess space and that the Qualcomm 865, 865+ and 870 chipsets carry the modem separately, we would bet on the Snapdragon 888 to motorize the terminal.

It would offer greater integration since support for 5G is included in the SoC itself, while offering the level of process and graphical performance expected from a device priced above the $ 1,000 barrier. We also take for granted an increase of 6 Gbytes of RAM and battery capacity.

Another novelty of the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 would be the improved camera system to improve the mediocre of the original model. A previous Microsoft job posting for engineers in Taiwan discussed higher resolution sensors and use of machine learning and artificial intelligence. “To create a new camera experience that will significantly improve image processing”.

In short: the new version will exceed the limitations of the original version maintaining its quality chassis, the attractive design with double screen and the software support with a very personal version of Android tuned by Microsoft. They say it will hit the market in September and it makes perfect sense.

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