Microsoft could announce the purchase of three major studios at E3

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From the shock that it entailed Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax Media (Bethesda)In the fall of 2020, rumors are constantly happening about new studies that Microsoft could buy. And if there is any place to announce it, it would certainly be at E3. Microsoft (along with Bethesda) will celebrate this Sunday June 13 a virtual presentation, in which many games are expected … but perhaps some surprises in this regard.

Just a few days ago the journalist Jez Corden advanced that he had heard rumors about the acquisition of a new studio and its IP. And today it is Jeff Grubb himself (who already advanced yesterday’s Elden Ring announcement) who brings the matter back on the table, and even points to three studies that Microsoft would have bought: Crytek, Avalanche Studios and IO Interactive).

Grubb said it in his podcast, although it clarified that they were just rumors that he had heard from various sources and had not been able to verify. Also, he does not know if they would be announced at E3, but apparently there would have been conversations between Microsoft and those studios.

Just yesterday, Microsoft made a presentation prior to E3 in which they reiterated the importance of buying new studios to add more games to GamePass. And without a doubt, they are three very renowned western studios that, if they obtain the exclusivity of their games in Game Pass, would add a lot of value to their subscription service, something that is right now Microsoft’s priority, in order to gain users beyond the borders of your consoles.

IO Interactive is responsible for Hitman, who released Hitman 3 earlier this year (one of the top-rated new games of 2021) and announced a game under the James Bond license for the future. Let’s remember that Bethesda also has an Indiana Jones game running, will Microsoft keep the exclusivity of two of the juiciest licenses in cinema?

Avalanche Studios (not to be confused with Avalanche Software, which are Hogwarts Legacy and are part of Warner Bros. Games) are responsible for the Just Cause saga. They also did Rage 2 … published by Bethesda. By last Crytek is now remastering his Crysis trilogy for all consoles, which could be a way to test the waters to bring the series back with Crysis 4.

Remember that Microsoft’s presentation is on Sunday, June 13 at 7 p.m. Spanish time. Here you have all the schedules of the next presentations.

Fountain: GamesRadar

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