Kingdom Come Deliverance is coming out on Nintendo Switch … thanks to the interest created by false rumors

Kingdom Come Deliverance is coming out on Nintendo Switch ... thanks to the interest created by false rumors

Koch Media presented its new publisher yesterday, Prime Matter, which will be in charge of launching 12 video games. The information of all of them you can find it in this report (among which are Painkiller, Payday 3 or the shooter Final Form), although Koch Media has also made a live presentation talking to the developers of all of them.

However, an ad that may have gone unnoticed is Kingdom come deliverance, Warhorse Studios’ medieval RPG released in 2018 … for Nintendo Switch. There has been no trailer or images of this portable version, but Tobias Stolz-Zwilling from Warhorse, spoke more about the project at the Koch Media presentation. And he told a curious story …

Alleged errors in Nintendo Japan and Nintendo Spain, the catalysts of this version

According to Stolz-Zwilling, in January 2021, the WarHorse team was busy releasing optimized versions of Kingdom Come Deliverance, and they had no intention of releasing it on Switch. Suddenly, someone at Nintendo Japan “clicked the wrong box” and the game appeared listed in the Japanese eShop from Nintendo Switch.

Seeing that many media they broke the news like a leak (When, as they have told today, this version never existed at that time) Tobias himself calmed the waters and said on Twitter that they had nothing planned for Switch of Kindgom Come, even though he would like it very much, and was “researching who was so ambitious to think about it.”

The news of that error from Nintendo Japan rolled like a snowball, although it was not at all true, according to the Warhorse developer. But a few months later, another mistake set off alarms again … and this time it came from Nintendo Spain: an image of Kingdom Come Deliverance appeared on Nintendo Spain’s Twitter, promoting open world games on Switch. Nintendo Spain apologized with a tweet, saying that the inclusion of Kingdom Come was a mistake.

The second bug regarding Kingdom Come on Switch basically made in Warhorse they will realize the interest What was there for the users of the game coming to Switch, and for that reason decided to create this new version of Switch… which, therefore, has not been in development for more than a month.

The truth is that Stolz-Zwilling acknowledges that they always observed user interest for a Nintendo Switch version, since the project started on Kickstarter. Of course, if the story it tells is true, it was not until the suspicious erroneous leaks by Nintendo that made the decision to do so … and specifically, the error in the tweet from Nintendo Spain last April.

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