First trailer for the second season of ‘The Witcher’

Avance segunda temporada de The Witcher

Do you want to see the second season of The witcher? I bet so. Although the first was quite disappointing, no one can deny the potential to the franchise created by Andrzej Sapkowski and exploited by CD Projekt for the enjoyment of role-players from around the world.

For the record that the first season of the series was disappointing, it is not just my opinion: in Metacritic, the average score of the critics is 53%, that of the public 73%; on Rotten Tomatoes, 67% for critics and 91% for the public… It is clear that I align myself with the critics this time. However, I am hopeful that the second season of The witcher soar the flight.

I have this hope because, as I say, there is plenty of potential: the universe imagined by Sapkowski and illustrated by CD Projekt is very interesting, the plots of the novels are not bad at all and the impression captured by the games is even better; Henry Cavil is a true superstar on the crest of the wave and the character suits him like a glove … If with all that -and after the mistakes made- they are not able to get a good second season of The witcher

Talking about the second season of The witcher, it’s news because Netflix has finally shown a first preview, after months and months of dripping information with details of the production, whose filming was completed just a couple of months ago.

When will Netflix premiere the second season of The witcher It is another story, since nothing has been advanced in this regard. However, if the first is from December 2019, everything seems to indicate that the second will arrive on similar dates, to close this year with something more than hype than that of Netflix original productions usually bring with them. An understandable delay in part because of how hard the coronavirus pandemic has impacted around the world.

It is true that except for a few exceptions, Netflix does not work based on quality, without quantity (in both senses), and that the second season of The witcher is another bluff does not have to mean the end of the series: it is enough that the numbers are favorable, and most likely it is. However, it would be good if everything counted or, at least, for once everything was aligned in the right direction.

It should be remembered that The witcher was the most popular premiere series on the platform at the time, that there is a prequel on the table and an anime film, all with the aim of laying the pillars to create a fantastic universe with enough pull for Netflix to the investment is profitable, which is not small (although some of the horrible effects seen point to the opposite).

Now, to wait for new advances of the second season of The witcher, with the main character if possible, that the position above focuses on Ciri; the next, presumably, will do the same with Yennefer de Vengerberg; and it will be Geralt de Rivia’s turn.

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