Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Castlevania, LoL and all the new video game series coming to Netflix

Far Cry, Splinter Cell, Castlevania, LoL and all the new video game series coming to Netflix

As the culmination of his Geeked week, Netflix has announced new animated series based on various video game series. Ubisoft bets hard with three new series based on its series Far Cry and Splinter Cell, Cuphead shows his first clip … and Castlevania, which has just ended, confirms a new series.

From Cuphead We have seen the first clip, and although we have not seen Cuphead or Mugman, we do see King Dice, one of the most charismatic bosses in the game, who here will be voiced by Wayne Brady. The series does not have a release date, yes (so it will probably go to 2022).

In addition to Cuphead, the first clip of Arcane, an anime series based on the League of Legends universe, which will air on Netflix in fall 2021.

Ubisoft is also betting very strongly on Netflix. There are two anime series in development adapting Splinter Cell and Far Cry. Not many details are known (with Far Cry there are infinite options, as each game has its own setting – in Far Cry 6, even Giancarlo Esposito participates).

From Splinter cellYes, we have seen a first image of Sam Fisher, and we know that it will have eight episidois and will be created and produced by Derek Kolstad, director of the John Wick films.

Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix

captain laserhawk blood dragon

Of which they talked much more (although it does not have a date, and it seems that it will go on for a long time) is Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix. It will have six episodes, and is inspired by the Blood Dragon DLC from Far Cry 3, although it will be a pretty original thing. Not much is known about the plot, but it seems that it will cross characters from the Ubisoft series with an eighties aesthetic, and very inspired by the “Bootleg Universe” created by Adi Shankar.

Before creating the Castlevania series for Netflix, Shanker gained popularity with his series “Bootleg Universe”, shorts in real image parodying, with a lot of black humor and violence, licenses like James Bond, Venom or Pokémon. In general, the owners of those IPs did not like these parodies, but Ubisoft contacted him in 2016 to create a series that was basically an “official bootleg” based on the Ubisoft characters. Shankar also quotes the infamous animated series Captain N: The Game Master, a kind of strange remix with Nintendo characters issued in 1989.

The result is Captain Laserhawk, a series that will play with the animation style, frequently parodying graphic styles of 16-bit games, polygonal 3D graphics a la PS1 or black and white like Game Boy. Shankar directs the series, which is being animated at the French studio Bobbypills.

New Castlevania spin-off with Richter

Finally, they confirmed the new anime series of Castlevania. The series ended last month with its season 4, but Netflix already has a new series underway starring Richter, Maria Renard, and it will be set in 1792, during the French Revolution.

In addition to these series, Netflix has animated projects of Cyberpunk 2077 Edgerunners, Sonic Prime, The Division (a live action movie in this case), Pokémon, Dragon’s Lair, Assassin’s Creed, DOTA… They will talk about it on another occasion.

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