Best free PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, One, Switch, and PC games to play the weekend of June 11

Best free PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, One, Switch, and PC games to play the weekend of June 11

The weekend is coming and you only have one thing on your mind: playing video games. If so, and taking advantage of the fact that there are hours of the day when it is impossible to go outside (unless you like being hot), here is a large selection of free games available on the PS Store, Microsoft Store, Nintendo eShop, Steam and Epic Games Store. It doesn’t matter if you have a PC or consoles: it’s time to enjoy.

To get started, Why not have a few free games at the fun Knockout City? The EA Originals dodgeball proposal is available for free on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, so you can gather your friends in their addictive and frenetic game sessions. Of course, remember that it is only free until you reach rank 25; if you want to continue playing later, you will have to buy it.

PC gamers have a great weekend ahead of them. If you are subscribed to the Epic Games Store, this week you can enjoy two great free video games: First of all, Genshin Impact, the JRPG of miHoYo, which debuts in the Epic store and will give you many hours of fun. In addition, you can also download Control, Remedy’s action adventure. If you are not convinced by either, there is also a large selection of free titles available such as Rocket League, Rogue Company, Scavengers, Dauntless, Trackmania, Smite, Core, Diabotical, Spellbreak or World of Warships.

Be careful, because the list continues. You can still enjoy the Tell Me Why free trial on Steam, but you should also check out the addictive Museum of Other Realities. In addition, Valve’s platform offers a good series of brand-new free-to-play games, such as Hell Architect Prologue, Muck, Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021, 铁血 攻 沙 and Monopoly Poker, all of which are free and available to download from your PC library.

Tell me why

PS4 and PS5 players are also not far behind. For starters, you can continue to rock the free titles of PS Plus June 2021, with options as interesting as Star Wars Squadrons, Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, Operation Tango or the PS Talents game, Waves Out. And in case you are subscribed to PS Now, Take advantage of such powerful additions as Sonic Forces, Sonic Mania, Team Sonic Racing or the deep RPG The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

If you are not convinced by either of the above, check out the Scarlet Nexus demo, Enlisted’s open beta, or update Final Fantasy XIV to the PS5 version. Also don’t miss Season 7 of Fortnite, the fierce battles of Call of Duty Warzone, or other PS Store options such as Capcom Arcade Stadium, Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Vigor, Paladins, Trove, War Thunder, the first episode of Resident Evil. Revelations 2 or Warface.


If you have an Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One, pay attention, because a great weekend awaits you. Thanks to the Xbox Free Play Days initiative, you can download for free (if you are subscribed to Xbox Live or Game Pass) Fallout 76, Ark: Survival Evolved and the Football Manager 2021 Xbox Edition management simulator. In case you are subscribed to Game Pass, be sure to try titles like Maneater, GTA V, Red Dead Redemption 2, For Honor, Conan Exiles and many others.

From Microsoft Store you can also download many other very striking free games for your Xbox. For example, the open beta of Enlisted, or the fun free to play Fortnite or COD Warzone. Of course, you can still rock Dungeons 3 (May free game) and Games with Gold June 2021 titles, with free games like The King’s Bird (One) and NeoGeo Battle Coliseum (Xbox 360), plus Tell Me Why , Roblox, World of Tanks, Warframe, or 360 titles like Crackdown, Crackdown 2, and Too Human.

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Finally, if you have a Nintendo Switch, you can download some free titles this weekend from the eShop. In addition to the fun Knockout City, we recommend you try the sweet Pokémon Café Mix, the frantic races of Asphalt 9 Legends, the sword fights of The Elder Scrolls Blades, the fun online games of Ninjala, and other options such as Skyforge, Emergency HQ, Super Kirby Clash and World of Tanks Blitz.

As you see, This weekend from June 11 to 13, you will not be short of options to have a great time with your PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One or Nintendo Switch. You will not have to spend a penny to have a great time for many hours … if you have that much free time, of course.

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