Back 4 Blood, the spiritual heir to Left 4 Dead, announces crossover play and beta for this summer

Back 4 Blood, the spiritual heir to Left 4 Dead, announces crossover play and beta for this summer

Turtle Rock Studios continues to leave good flashes of frenzied and bloody action with Back 4 Blood, the first-person shooter title that has already established itself as the spiritual heir to the popular Left 4 Dead. After a delay in its launch, cooperative shootings against zombies are maintained and promise a few new features.

The Summer Game Fest left us a lot of news and one of them was a new trailer of Back 4 Blood where you could see some extra details about their games full of infected. Some extra kind of zombie and a boss who wants to make us sweat the fat drop showed up, but there is more for those of you who like this zombie apocalypse.

Its creators announced that the title will have crossplay between platforms, we remember that Back 4 Blood is released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. Although no details have been given, the feature, now present in a number of games, will also allow us to play here with whoever we want.

On the other hand, if you feel like starting to slaughter zombies, Back 4 Blood will have a beta on consoles and PC available for August 12 with an early access on August 5. This can be achieved by reserving the game. In addition, more news is also expected during this weekend.

E3 2021 will feature the game after trailer confirmed a reveal of the PvP mode during the Warner Bros Games conference. So there’s still a good helping of this zombie shooter salad left. However, the most anticipated games from Warner Bros will not be present at E3.

If you have not been able to know much about this title, not too long ago Back 4 Blood released a gameplay trailer showing its new card system, in addition to revealing its main characters and the classes of zombies that they will have to exterminate. On October 12, this title hits the market.

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