Two Point Campus announced, trailer for the new sim from the creators of Two Point Hospital

Two Point Campus announced, trailer for the new sim from the creators of Two Point Hospital

A few weeks ago it leaked Two Point Campus, and today it was officially confirmed. The official description read the following “Build your university, your way!“, and it is new from the creators of the Two Point Hospital simulator, which will arrive in 2022 to PC and consoles simultaneously.

During the Summer Games Festival the Two Point Campus official trailer, in which you will have total freedom to “build buildings, choose subjects, hire the best professionals and create an academic institution that stands the test of time.”

Whatever your interests, the new creative tools it will offer Two Point Campus they will help you create the university of your dreams. For the first time, an academic institution can be built from scratch, with the campus land, the necessary colleges and institutions, and the entire land in its entirety.

Students will have fun with a wide catalog of somewhat unusual courses. Thus, in the School of Knights they will learn to compete in tournaments and to practice the noble art of gallantry. The less bellicose can hone their Gastronomy skills and partake in all manner of colossal culinary delights.

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However, not everything is so serious in this educational program, you will also have to support your students, explore their personalities and satisfy their wants and needs. Encourage them to surround themselves with friends, help them develop friendships, and make sure each day they balance studying and learning with extracurricular pleasures such as performances, social events, and sports each day. The academic world has never been so attractive!

And not only that. Would you like to plant tree by tree, put all the necessary amenities, decorate with flora and fauna and much more to create your university on Two Point Campus? Well, the only limit will be your imagination, and the money you have in the bank to build, of course.

The images were leaked weeks ago, and the Two Point Campus trailer and tentative release date. Do you like the change from Two Point Hospital to this new Two Point Campus?

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