Tricks to level up fast and earn many XP in Fortnite Season 7

Tricks to level up fast and earn many XP in Fortnite Season 7

The alien invasion has already started in Fortnite, the popular Battle Royale from Epic Games, so we are sure you will want level up fast and get experience points. The competition is fierce, and you must be prepared to face the great news of Season 7.

After the beginning of the seventh season (which occurred yesterday, June 8), the new skins, cosmetics, characters and tasks to perform on the island of Fortnite are now available, but also all the challenges and secondary tasks. Completing them will earn you many experience points and thus achieve a progression in the Epic Games title.

Unfortunately Samus Aran will not be in Fortnite Season 7, but maybe Superman and the protagonists of Rick and Morty pay you a visit in the next few weeks. Be that as it may, the seventh season of the Epic game will give you many hours of fun on PC, consoles and mobile devices.

Do you want to raze in Fortnite Season 7? Well then pay attention and know what they are the best tricks to level up fast and earn a lot of XP in Fortnite Season 7.

Tricks to level up fast and earn many XP in Fortnite Season 7

As in previous Fortnite seasons, for level up and get experience points in Season 7 You will have to complete the different missions and challenges, which are scattered around the island.

To start, we have shared a guide to complete all the missions of week 1 of this seventh season. However, it is not the only way to progress in Fortnite. On the island you will find challenges and side tasks that can give you a lot of XP, which, consequently, will make you level up fast.

Not only that, but there are a total of 157 secret missions and side tasks in Fortnite Season 7, and thanks to the ItsPredator channel we can share how to overcome them all. Still, we will highlight 35 of them, which will grant you XP for meeting certain objectives and variables of each challenge.

  • 1. Harpoon Eliminations [1/3/10/25/50]
  • 2. Harvest Stone [2500/10000/25000/100000/250000]
  • 3. Headshot Eliminations [3/25/50/100/200]
  • 4. Get weak points [100/1000/2500/10000/25000]
  • 5. Hunt wildlife [10/50/250/500/1000]
  • 6. Set opponents on fire [3/10/25/50/75]
  • 7. Light the structures with fire [25/50/100/250/500]
  • 8. Eat apples [10/25/50/100/250]
  • 9.Eat bananas [10/25/50/100/250]
  • 10.Use campfires [15/3/50/100/150]
  • 11.consume forage items [10/50/100/250/500]
  • 12.Eat mushrooms [10/25/50/100/250]
  • 13.Destroy sofas, beds or chairs with a pickaxe [25/50/100/250/500]
  • 14.Melee damage to structures [500/2500/10000/25000/50000]
  • 15.Melee Eliminations [5/25/50/75/100]
  • 16.Vehicles Mod [1/3/10/25/50]
  • 17.Restart your teammates [2/5/10/25/50]
  • 18.Revive teammates [5/25/50/100/250]
  • 19.Looking for ammo boxes [50/250/500/1000/2500]
  • 20. Search chests [50/250/500/1000/2500]
  • 21.Search for ice machines [5/25/75/150/300]
  • 22.Search for supply deliveries [5/10/25/50/100]
  • 23. Shakedown opponents [5/25/50/100/200]
  • 24. Spending bars [1000/2500/5000/25000/100000]
  • 25. travel distance while swimming [1000/2500/5000/10000/25000]
  • 26.Tame Wildlife [5/25/50/100/200]
  • 27. Thanks to the bus driver [10/25/50/100/200]
  • 28.Place in the Top 10 [10/25/100/200/300]
  • 29. Travel distance on foot [25000/75000/150000/350000/500000]
  • 30. Weapon Upgrade in Upgrade Benches [5/10/25/50/100]
  • 31. Use bandages and kits [25/100/250/500/1000]
  • 32. Use shield potions [25/100/250/500/1000]
  • 33.Fish in Fishing Pits [5/15/75/150/300]
  • 34. Player structures destroyed in a vehicle [3/25/75/150/300]
  • 35. Travel distance in a vehicle [5000/25000/75000/150000/500000]

In brackets you have the XP you will get for completing these tasks, although everything will depend on the category you manage to complete. Actions as simple as consuming bananas or apples will grant you experience points, and of course it will make you level up faster.

As we say, these 35 side tasks They are part of a wide range of 157 challenges, which you can complete in Season 7 to level up quickly. This is Supplemental to Weekly Challenges and Missions.

Sometimes some of these tasks are structured at different levels, or also in finding a series of objects scattered around the island. Each find will reward you with XP, until the progress bar of each task is filled. In the ItsPredator video (which we have inserted above) you can see each and every one of the 157 side tasks, a brief description and how to complete them.

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