Traíler of The Street of Terror, the Netflix film trilogy based on the work of RL Stine

Traíler of The Street of Terror, the Netflix film trilogy based on the work of RL Stine

This summer the catalog of Netflix it will become the most terrifying with The street of terror, a movie trilogy based on the famous books by RL Stine (whom many of you will know from the series of youth horror novels Nightmares) that he directs Leigh Janiak, filmmaker behind other titles such as Honeymoon, Outcast, Panic or the Scream series.

Is horror movie trilogy is located through different eras in Shadyside, a town where a series of terrible murders and paranormal phenomena take place. Starting the plot in 1994, a group of teenagers will be involved in these unpleasant events that terrorize the population, discovering that everything is connected to other supernatural situations that occurred in 1978, having their origins in a witch hunt in 1666.

“As the director of La calle del terror, and especially as a lover of the genre, I am excited to pay tribute to three great eras of horror cinema. For 1994 my inspiration above all is the movie Scream, a reference from the decade of 90s and in my opinion one of the most brilliant films ever made. For 1978 I was based on the films that made those years the culmination of the genre: Friday the 13th, Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street … 1666 I was inspired by the wonderful and rotten world of the movie The New World of Terence Malick “, declared its director.

In order to open your mouth for its premiere, Netflix has launched the trailer of The Street of Terror, which you can take a look at through the following video.

The cast of La calle del terror is made up of the actors Kiana Madeira (After: lost souls), Olivia welch (Panic), Benjamin Flores Jr. (Your Honor), Julia Rehwald (Panic), Fred hechinger (The woman at the window), Ashley zukerman (A Teacher) and Maya hawke (Stranger Things), among others.

The three films of The Street of Terror will be available from July 2, 9 and 16, 2021 respectively. In the meantime, here we recommend some of the best Netflix movies of 2021.

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