Tommy Lee Jones hated working with Jim Carrey on Batman Forever

Tommy Lee Jones hated working with Jim Carrey on Batman Forever

After what Tim Burton and Michael Keaton fall in love with DC fans with Batman and Batman Returns, the franchise took a leap and fell into the hands of Joel schumacher, which would be in charge of two other films of the Crusader Cloak. The first of these would be Batman Forever, and it would feature two exceptional villains from the Dark Knight’s repertoire: Enigma (Riddler), interpreted by Jim Carrey, Y Two faces, who gave life Tommy lee jones.

The chemistry between the two characters feels strained in many sections of the film, but nothing compared to what was actually on the set, where the tension between Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey was more than evident.

A few years ago, talking to Norm McDonaldJim Carrey assured that Tommy Lee Jones even told him on the set that he “couldn’t stand his antics”, making it clear that working together was not a dish of good taste.

In 2019, the late Joel Schumacher would confirm those tensions while filming Batman forever in an interview with Vulture. Curiously, what is seen on the screen in many moments seems to be a challenge between both actors for being the funniest. Tommy Lee Jones would later accept roles more suited to his personality, such as Captain America: The First Avenger. We actually thought he only half hated him, his other half actually loved Jim Carrey …

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