This grandmother is fitter than you, she’s been playing Wii Fit for more than 10 years

This grandmother is fitter than you, she's been playing Wii Fit for more than 10 years

We are collecting more and more stories about older video game players who are specialized in driving titles, or even being able to easily knock you down in a game of Call of Duty, but if you thought older people were incapable of beating you to physical titles, maybe you were wrong.

One of the most successful accessories and games that the old Nintendo Wii brought to the market was the Wii Fit, and believe it or not, there are still people enjoying it more than 10 years later, because it was launched in 2007 and that on the occasion of the pandemic, many people have recovered it to get in shape.

But if we tell you that there is a grandmother who has been enjoying 4784 days to Wii Fit, and that it has practically not left it in the last 10 years, it may surprise you, but it is a true story.

And is that George Perkins, founder of Super Rare Games, wanted to introduce us to his grandmother who has been enjoying the original Wii Fit for almost 5000 days, a true world record and that makes us see that older people are capable of taking their health status much more seriously than a young person.

In the captures provided by George Perkins, we see the different records set and also the photograph of his grandmother, to make us see that it is a true story and very admirable because it is a physical exercise title that many no longer remembered.

However, perhaps titles like Ring Fit Adventure, which has been a success, and more in times of pandemic, you have it stored in the trunk or in the storage room, and surely there are people out there who can give it much more use.

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