They locate a Trojan that managed to steal 1.2TB of information from 3.2 million PCs, using pirated games and programs

They locate a Trojan that managed to steal 1.2TB of information from 3.2 million PCs, using pirated games and programs

Be very careful with illegal downloads on your PC. This is all we can tell you after the announcement of NordLocker, which seems to have revealed one of the most serious malware campaigns in recent years. Through illegal downloads of games and software, many computers around the world could have been affected by a dangerous virus, of which we tell you all the details.

The warning came from NordLocker, a security network that managed to detect this campaign, the work of the usual hackers and hackers. Is about a dangerous Trojan virus that has affected a total of 3.2 million PCs around the world, managing to steal 1.2TB of information of users, through illegal downloads.

Specifically, it is known that this strain of malware managed to steal 26 million login credentials, plus 1.2TB of private information of millions of users. This was spread via illegal download websites, which include pirated PC games, pirated software and a decrypted version of the Adobe Photoshop program.

Screenshots taken by the malware reveal that spread via illegal software (Adobe Photoshop), Windows cracking tools, and pirated games. Furthermore, the malware also photographed the user if the device had a webcam” explains NordLocker.

According to breakdown NordLocker, among the total of 1.2TB of information there were 26 million login credentials and 1.1 million email addresses. Of the 2 billion cookie data, more than 400 million (22%) were valid, and this Trojan virus is known to operate on Windows operating systems, between 2018 and 2020.

Their low profile often helps these viruses go undetected and their creators go unpunished … It is a booming market where the creator sells the malware, teaches the buyer how to use it and even shows how to profit from stolen data

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How have they located this virus? NordLocker Safety Net reports that worked with a web security research company, which together with a mistake by these hackers managed to reveal the location of this malware database. This stolen data contains 6 million files extracted from the Desktop and Downloads folders, 900,000 image files, more than 600,000 Word files, and 3 million text filesas well as 1000 types of other files.

Be very careful if you notice something strange on your PC, or if you have lost key information in the last 3 years. NordLocker claims that this malware campaign went unnoticed at the time, and that, right off the bat, it was gone. These Trojans are more common than it seems, and in many cases it is possible to get hold of them on the Deep Web for more than affordable amounts.

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