They compare Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS5, PS4 Pro and PS4: so are the loading times, fps and visual quality

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Today Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade hits stores, the version for the new generation of Final Fantasy VII Remake consoles. In addition to having various novelties, and a yuffie episode exclusive to the console, it is the perfect opportunity for new console users to be able to enjoy the adventure.

Of course, like the original game it can also be enjoyed in Playstation 5, The Bit Analyst has returned again with another of his comparisons between versions. This time, not between consoles since the game not yet available outside of Sony machines, so for now we leave you with the comparison through this video.

As always happens, in the description of the video he has left us a series of details of everything that the game has in comparison. For example, he comments that the PS5 quality mode reaches 2160p and FPS mode drops to 1620p. On PS4 runs at 1080p and PS4 Pro at 1620p. No FPS issues, the game runs smoothly 2160p and 30 FPS – 1620p and 60 fps.

In terms of lighting, there are improvements although various points of light do not cast a shadow on the character and on PS5 there is FOG. There are many textures repaired and improved, the shadows have some changes and the loading times have been improved a bit, 40 second wait on PS4 to just 2 seconds on PS5.

Finally, the game has much less pop-in and therefore there is improvement in visual stability. And that’s all you have to say regarding the game, it seems that in some things there are a lot of improvements over PS4 and the free update for those who already own the game it will come in handy.

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