The smart home TP-Link Tapo helps us save on the new electricity bill

Enchufes inteligentes TP-Link Tapo smart home factura de la luz

Along with a fairly significant heat wave, On June 1, the electricity bill began to rise, with the implementation of the new rates and time slots. Fortunately, today’s technology allows us to put smart home services at our fingertips, with new smart home alternatives from TP-Link Tapo, which will allow us to maintain control and savings without having to stay up late to put the washing machine on.

And it is that these devices not only serve to facilitate our lives, but they can represent an important benefit in the electricity bill. This is the case of smart plugs and bulbs, which we find more and more frequently in homes that want to start in home automation, since they are the ideal gadget for its simplicity to install, ease of use and affordable prices.

So, today we add these three little tips to our smart home getting started guide that will help us so much to learn about the new possibilities that the smart home world offers us:

Manage power on and off

Who has not left the house wondering if he left the light on? Both the plugs and the smart bulbs allow you to turn on and off any device that you have connected remotely, accessing the app from your mobile or by voice control through Alexa or the Google Assistant. In addition, some of them allow the sending of notifications, so you will know immediately if you have left the fan or the room light on without having to spend a penny more.

Set a timer

With the smart bulbs and plugs you can create a countdown through a timer or program the times you want to use them, being able to adapt to the hours of lower consumption. One of the most complete smart plugs on the market is found in the TP-Link Tapo P100. In addition, its size and design is so discreet that it will not obstruct with other sockets, and it will blend easily with the decoration of our home.

For their part, the bulbs TP-Link Tapo L530E Y Cap L510E, will allow us to regulate its intensity in addition to being able to change color according to your needs.

But without a doubt the best thing about all this is that all the products will function normally once they are installed, adding that yes the control and configuration through the free Tapo app. A simple platform that requires a hub to function, but will simply require us to connect our smart home devices to the Wi-Fi network.

Know the individual consumption of each appliance

There is no better way to save than to know which device is the one that consumes the most electricity. With a smart plug you can explicitly know which appliance spends the most and in this way dose its use. Additionally, the energy consumption monitor allows you to determine if you have a device that needs to be replaced by a more recent version of it.

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