Anyone would think that Dwayne johnson I’d be too busy filming Black Adam to think about embodying another DC character, but that’s because they don’t know The Rock well yet. The prolific actor has shared through his Instagram the announcement that he will be part of the voice cast of a new production of DC Films, this time animated, and focused on children (which does not take away so that you can enjoy it even if you comb gray hair).

Is about DC League of Superpets, a computer-animated (CGI) film focused on the characters created by DC in the 1950s and who are, in many respects, the mascots of the main DC superheroes.

The Rock will lend its voice to Krypto the super dog of Superman, but he will not be alone, not even close, in the spectacular cast of voices that will delight everyone in DC League of Superpets. And, get ready, because I have a cast.

The DC animated film will feature Kevin Hart, Natasha Lyonne, Keanu Reeves, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Diego Luna and Kate McKinnon. At the moment no details of the plot have transpired, but it is very possible (and logical) that it is a story focused on a younger audience, just as it was that of the comics at the time. Prepare the cookies to reward these brave pets, but don’t be scared off by some booming voices.

What do you think of the voice cast of DC League of Superpets?