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The first Realme laptop sticks out … and something else

The Realme’s first laptop is very close of being presented in society and it looks like, as happens with the smartphones of the Chinese brand, not leaving anyone indifferent, if it adheres to the strategy of balancing characteristics and price to make it difficult to resist.

Be that as it may, beyond the content, of which nothing will be known until the company makes the official announcement, that the first Realme laptop is on its way is no longer a mere rumor, although there is a bit of everything. Everything has happened at the same time, in fact: the CEO of Realme for India and Europe was in charge of “showing the paw” … and a leak has done the rest.

First of all, it was Madhav Sheth, CEO of the company for India and Europto whom he let a surprise glimpse with a curious message published on his Twitter account, in which he said in binary “hello, world”, while adding that “The new product category #realme has a message for you! Can you decode it and guess the name of the product that will be added to your #TechLife? “

You don’t have to be very clever to see which device was sticking out of that paper bag, or to guess the name of the product to which Sheth was referring (Steve Jobs did something similar years ago, at the MacBok Air presentation). With this alone it was enough to secure a news in this regard … But there is more.

Realme’s first laptop, leaked

Shortly after the leg of Realme’s laptop was seen, media like Android Authority They echoed a series of images that more than photos of the product, seem like screenshots of some type of presentation video of the same that we may see in the coming days or weeks. And it is no longer a single leg, but the entire team.

Yes, this first Realme laptop will be called Realme Book and it has all the earmarks of being a Chinese MacBook, no negative tinkle that is worth, judging by the short but intense trajectory that the company has in terms of mobility. What’s more, this leak is not limited to the Realme Book: the launch of what would be the brand’s first tablet, called Realme Pad, is also anticipated.

Little else is known about the matter, except that Android Authority has obtained the images from BBK Electronics, the parent company of OnePlus, Oppo and others; and that what will be the first Realme laptop will have a 3: 2 aspect ratio screen and, as seen, a design totally inspired by Apple’s MacBook. But it is very likely that more will be known shortly.






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