The development of Resident Evil 9 would be the longest in the entire saga, according to a well-known insider

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The release of Resident Evil Village unleashed an enormous furor around the world, steering the main Capcom saga into new directions. Many wonder what will become of future of Resident Evil after the tunnel of terror of Lady Dimitrescu and her bloody daughters … although it is an open secret that Capcom is already working on new installments of the saga, both sequels and remakes.

We already tell you Resident Evil 4 VR First Details for Oculus Quest, but you already know that Capcom is working on a remake of that installment for PC and consoles. However, and as confirmed by several insiders months ago, the studio also has a group of developers working on the third and last part of the new trilogy of the saga, after Resident Evil 7 and Village.

Last March, insider Dusk Golem (who once leaked the RE Village title) stated that Resident Evil 9 had been in development since 2018. And, now, this well-known leaker assures that its launch will not occur until 2024 or 2025, because Capcom has other projects in the saga in mind, such as Resident Evil 4 Remake or Resident Evil Revelations 3 for Nintendo Switch.

Resident Evil 9 began development in 2018, when it launches it will be by far the longest-running Resident Evil game in development (probably around 6-7 years of development)” Dusk Golem wrote on his personal Twitter account.

Despite Capcom has not confirmed the existence of Resident Evil 9It is a fact that RE Village will have a sequel in the future. Apparently the ninth main installment of the saga has been in development for more than two years… and yet it would be between three and four more years in cooking. This implies that Resident Evil 9 will be the longest development in the entire Capcom saga.

There is also news around the launch windows of the other Resident Evils. According to Dusk Golem, Resident Evil 4 remake will be released in 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC, while Revelations 3 (which could finally be called Outrage) would star Rebecca Chambers, it would be exclusive to Nintendo Switch and would arrive in 2022.

The information on Dusk Golem should not be taken literally. As with the Village, Resident Evil 9 is likely to receive quite a few changes in the coming years, so maybe it’s coming out earlier than planned … or maybe later than 2024/2025.

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