The connection between Loki and Scarlet Witch episode 1 and Vision that many have overlooked

Elizabeth Olsen recounts the moment she most liked filming in Scarlet Witch and Vision

Disney Plus yesterday premiered the first episode of Loki, the new series of Marvel Cinematic Universe which brings back the cool iteration of the God of Deception from Tom Hiddleston. The series sees how Loki, after escaping with him Tesseract of the Battle of New York In Avengers Endgame, he is captured by the Temporal Variation Agency, which will take it to its facilities to be processed as a “Variant”, but not olives and chives (bad joke).

When Loki goes through the bureaucratic hell of the AVTArrives in a waiting room, like when you go to the Social Security or the Treasury and violent instincts enter you. There, a video begins to play to explain what the Temporal Variation Agency is.

During the video, Miss Minutes (Tara Strong) explains that when a variant alters the Sacred Timeline, generates an event Nexus, from which an alternative line branches off which, if left unchecked, can lead to “madness.”

Well, this actually touches on two of the MCU phase 4 productions. First it alludes to the Nexus events, which brings us to Scarlet Witch and Vision and the ad seen in the sixth episode, where it talks about Nexus antidepressants, which highlights the essence of Wanda as a Nexus character from the MCU (as in the comics). On the other hand, by including the word “madness” in the mix, within an explanation that points so much to the concept of the Multiverse, we cannot help but remember the arrival of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Naturally, these connections could be another of “those moves” by Marvel that later end in a monumental fuss from fans on social networks. What did you guys think when you saw the video of Miss Minutes?

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