Stats, skills and best gear for Kazuha in Genshin Impact 1.6

Stats, skills and best gear for Kazuha in Genshin Impact 1.6

Character Kazuha What you were waiting for has arrived with update 1.6, a five-star sword hero that you will love to control and that you will want to handle from the first moment, making the most of it.

Based on the statistics that have been filtered, we can even talk about some first skills and best equipment for Kazuha to create a really fearsome character for our games.

Kazuha is a wandering swordsman, a kind, carefree character, but who has to deal with the burdens of the past, and who seems to hide a series of dark secrets that you will be able to uncover.

Stats, skills and best gear for Kazuha in Genshin Impact 1.6

We are facing a five-star character, with Anemo power, using a one-handed sword. It should be noted his elemental and ultimate ability that can deal Anemo damage and cause additional elemental damage against hydro, pyro, cryo and electro.

  • His elemental ability is Chihayaburu: Thanks to this, we can use the skill button to create a whirlwind of Anemo while lifting the character through the air. If you take advantage of it, you can make a special dive attack, dealing additional damage to the enemies that are just below.
  • As an elemental explosion it has Kazuha slash– This attack begins with a powerful slash from Anemo dealing damage to all enemies in a large area of ​​effect. It also creates an Anemo damage field around the character, and if any enemy enters its action zone, it will also receive attack damage.

Passive skills

  • On the one hand we have Cloud Strider which reduces stamina consumption for all party members by 20%
  • With Soumon Swordmanship It will absorb hydro, pyro, cryo, and electro damage turning it into additional dive damage.
  • And with Fuubutsu poetics we can trigger a swirl reaction.

Constellation updates:

  • With Scarlet hills elemental skill cooldown reduced by 10%
  • Yamaarashi Wind where the whirlwind field created by the character’s elemental expression increases elemental mastery
  • Maple Monogatari: where the maximum level of the elemental skill is increased by 3 points
  • Oozora Genpou: When the character’s energy is less than 45, if he uses his elemental ability, it will increase by three points or by four points.
  • Bansei Wisdom where the maximum elemental blast level is increased by three points
  • Crimson momiji– After using an elemental or burst ability, the character’s sword is infused with Anemo

The best build for Kazuha

We must focus on maximizing his elemental mastery thus increasing the reaction damage of attacks such as the whirlpool. This will also affect the best use of your passive abilities and constellation upgrades.

Genshin Impact Kazuha

It would be essential that you arm this character with the sword of freedom since it is capable of increasing elemental mastery and its attack damage. You could also use the four-star Alley Flash where elemental dominance is increased or the four-star sacrificial sword that increases energy recharge.

As far as the artifact set is concerned, Viridescent Venerer could be chosen as it increases his Anemo damage.

The best team to accompany Kazuha

Any character specialized in pyro, hydro, electro or cryo could come in handy with him. We are now opting for Lisa herself although other four-star characters such as Xinhqiu, Xiangling or Chongyun could also be of use to you.

Razor or Xinyan could be used as team leaders. If you are not convinced by any of the previous allies, Diluc, Ganyu or Hu Tao could also be recommended.

As you can see, there are many options for team customization with the arrival of Kazuha, although always depending on the way you play, you could choose other types of customizations.

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