Roblox receives $ 200 million lawsuit for “unauthorized use of music”

Roblox receives $ 200 million lawsuit for "unauthorized use of music"

Roblox It is an unprecedented success, but right now it has a very serious lawsuit brought by the National Association of Music Publishers, accusing the MMO for illegally using music by numerous artists. In total, and at the very least, they seek and want $ 200 million in damages, as songs used on Roblox without consent or compensation are some of the Ariana Grande, Imagine Dragons, deadmau5, Ed Sheeran and Rolling Stones, among other artists according to NMPA.

As reported from Variety, Roblox has not commented, but the company has a market value of almost $ 52 billion, a 31% increase from March. The lawsuit was announced by NMPA President and CEO David Israelite, citing Roblox as a large source of active users with over 42 million daily, claiming that it has gone to great lengths not to pay artists.

Roblox has won “hundreds of millions of dollars making users pay every time they upload music to the platform, taking advantage of the lack of understanding of young people about copyright, without taking action to prevent this or alert users to the risks involved“, said Israelite in their statements.

The demand request monetary compensation for damagesfor the blatant exploitation of Roblox music without the proper licenses“, according to statements by NMPA. This”ensure that songwriters are paid for their work on the platform and that Roblox takes its obligations seriously to those who have made its service so popular and profitable“.

In the same statements, made during the NMPA annual meeting, has come to the attention of Twitch for similar practices. Regarding this, he said that the group would be “stepping up its copyright campaign against Twitch“, even though that him DMCA of the streaming service is already very strict.

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In the end, he concluded his statements by saying that “Despite all our challenges, the state of music publishers remains strong“.

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