Ratchet & Clank Una Dimensión Apart presents its special healthy menu, now available in two restaurants in Madrid

Ratchet & Clank Una Dimensión Apart presents its special healthy menu, now available in two restaurants in Madrid

Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain has presented, together with Chef Bosquet and the restaurant Naked & Sated, the creation of a special menu inspired by Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart, the long-awaited PS5 exclusive developed by Insomniac Games hitting stores tomorrow.

East special menu inspired by the exclusive PS5 game, like all the recipes by chef Bosquet (The Best Foodie 2018 award in Spain and known for sharing healthy recipes and promoting healthy eating habits through Instagram) seek one goal: that the food we eat is natural and healthy (eliminates sugars .. .) and also be good and leave satiated.

Chef Bosquet has been in charge of creating the recipes for the three dishes that make up this menu inspired by the rich universe of Ratchet & Clank: A Dimension Apart. A combination of smells, textures and flavors with clear references to the game.

We have been able to see live how the chef prepared one of the three dishes on the menu, the Aridia donaked, a delicious dessert with an almond sponge base filled with dulce de leche and covered with chocolate and almonds. A dessert that, according to the chef, anyone can replicate at home by following his recipe.

The chef shared with us many curiosities while he cooked, such as that before entering the kitchen he was a firefighter, where he began to make his first steps in the stove to eat healthy … trying to make it good too. Or that he has been working on recipes for the restaurant for two years.

Donaked isn’t the only item on the menu, starting with the real ones Ratchet & Clank Noodles, which take us to the bustling streets of Nefarius City, while the tender Sargasso Burger, the star dish of the battleplexes, evokes the arid lands of Sargasso.

East Ratchet & Clank special menu: A Dimension Apart is now available, for those who want to taste it, in the two Naked & Sated restaurants in Madrid. And the best of all is that if you live in Madrid, or are going to pass through the city, you will not have to travel the entire galaxy to try it!

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