Possible new filming leaks reveal the title of Indiana Jones 5

Possible new filming leaks reveal the title of Indiana Jones 5

There is no doubt that one of the films that is generating the most expectation among fans is Indiana Jones 5, the new installment of the iconic adventure saga in which Harrison ford will return to incarnate for the last time Dr. Henry Jones and that (this time) will close the story of the famous professor of archeology.

Except for the first images of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones 5 (in whose photos we could see that he will face the Nazis again), everything that happened with this new Adventure movie is a mystery, coming to theorize from the filming locations that Indiana Jones 5 could use a deleted story from The Last Crusade.

The thing is complicated with a new string of assumptions photos from the shooting of Indiana Jones 5 that have been leaked and circulating on social networks where, apart from having a very blurry glimpse of a Mads mikkelsen Dressed in a Nazi uniform, the one that seems to be the official title of the film is shown. You can take a look below.

So, if we give truth to these photographs, the new installment of Indiana Jones would have the title Indiana Jones and the Empire of Evil (Indiana Jones and the Evil Empire). Just in case, it’s best to grab these images with tweezers and wait for Disney to officially announce the title of the next Indy movie.

If everything goes fine, the film Indiana Jones 5 will be released in theaters on July 29, 2022. Do you think it will finally be titled Indiana Jones and the Evil Empire?

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