Polybius, the cursed arcade game, returns with a replica of Numskull

Polybius, the cursed arcade game, returns with a replica of Numskull

Myth or Reality? This is what many are wondering about Polybius, known to many as “the cursed game.” There are many references that have been made in our popular culture to this Sinneslöschen arcade classic, that it is not clear if it really existed or if everything is a dark urban legend. Either way, now it will be possible to ” play ” Polybius, thanks to a replica created by Numskull.

After announcing that they wanted to make a replica of what Polybius furniture was (or was not), Numskull has announced that the Kickstarter campaign has been a success, with more than 400 people financing the project. This has made it possible for Polybius, the cursed game from 1981, returns with an identical replica of the original arcade machine… if it really existed, of course.

Numskull reports that Polybius reservations are now available on its official website, but, of course, these will run out very quickly. Shipments will occur in the month of August, so run if you want to have a replica of the Polybius furniture. Of course, the following is clear: can’t really play the title, it’s just a decorative item in honor of the legend that precedes the game.

It is an exact replica of as we imagine it was the original 1981 machine, which is part of Numskull’s Quarter Arcades arcade line. Really is a USB charger with up to ten 2.0 ports distributed… but, hey, there is no denying that it is ” morbid ” to have this cursed video game in your room (or perhaps the idea seems anything but good).

Paying homage to the original game, it also has a mind-blowing screen and audio playback. Retro game collectors can celebrate the Polybius mystery and add this quirky charger to Quarter Arcades collections to charge other cabinets as well as multiple devices.”, He says your official description on the Numskull website.

You may not know the history of Polybius. The legend says that, In 1981, a strange piece of furniture arrived in many arcade rooms in the United States. Developed by the studio Sinneslöschen, Polybius’ ‘was” a shoot ’em up with a psychedelic aspect, with a revolutionary technical section for the time … and that caused terrifying effects on the players. Dizziness, vomiting, depression … all the product of their supposed subliminal messages and hidden references.


As Numskull comments, the legend of Polybius has not been without controversy. Some they claim it didn’t really exist, While others say it was a CIA tool to study the effects of video games on young people. Be that as it may, now you can have an exact replica of the furniture in your living room … if you manage to reserve it on time, of course.

Speaking of classic arcade video games, it must be said that Arcade1Up has announced that it will launch a replica of the original The Simpson furniture, the well-known beat ’em up based on the 1989 television series. Developed by Konami, it is one of the most legendary classic games in history … that many want to see on current PCs and consoles.

Source: Numskull

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