Overwatch to release crossover play shortly


Recently Overwatch It was five years since its arrival on the market, and yet it is now, with Overwatch 2 already in the spotlight, that Blizzard Entertainment is close to releasing one of the most important and in-demand updates this popular action title has ever received: cross-game between platforms.

The company says it will soon begin testing cross-play on Overwatch, initially in beta, but with access to all platforms on which the game is available, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X and Nintendo Switch. For it a Battle.net account will be required and link it with the corresponding ones from Nintendo, PSN and Xbox.

In fact, the creation of the account in Battle.net will be essential not only to be able to access the beta of Overwatch with cross game, but to be able to enjoy cross game with users of other platforms, once the feature is available to everyone.

As an incentive so that no one is left behind, Blizzard will give away a special in-game item to all users who have created the account before the end of the year.

On the other hand, cross-play in Overwatch he will not bring other gifts with him. Namely, cross progression is out of update and alternating the game between devices will not be possible, unless one resigns not to keep everything accumulated in one or the other.

But it will be possible to play Overwatch with players from all platforms on which the game is available, in all game modes except “Competitive”. Of course, cross-play will be disabled by default: it must be the user who actively chooses to share the experience outside the walls.


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