Microsoft plans to release an Xbox Game Studios game every three months

Microsoft plans to release an Xbox Game Studios game every three months

E3 2021 is just around the corner, and one of the companies that has put all the meat on the spit is Microsoft. Those from Redmond want to hit the table and continue feeding their consoles Xbox Series X | S (in addition to Windows 10) from new exclusive titles, enhancing Game Pass and its services on other devices. And about it there are important news …

We already share Phil Spencer’s vision of the future for the Xbox brand, and also the news that xCloud will be available on televisions. Now, Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Game Studios, has given his opinion on the exclusive game release schedule … and anticipates a great news for the coming months and years, imitating the model that Sony is carrying out with PS5.

Specifically, Booty states that Microsoft wants to release a game developed by Xbox Game Studios every three months, thus streamlining development processes. In other words, that each of your first party studios (such as Obsidian, Bethesda or Ninja Theory) prepare new games, whose releases are staggered every three months.

In terms of the overall lineup, we want to get to the point of releasing a new game every quarter. Games can take up to four to five years to make, and the reality is that not every project we started will ever get released … that’s how we came to our state today, with two dozen studios, creating games in a variety of genres. We know that a thriving entertainment service needs a constant and exciting stream of new content. Our portfolio will continue to grow as our service grows‘explains Matt Booty.

It is inevitable to think of its maximum competitor, Sony, to explain this launch policy. PlayStation has released Returnal, Destruction All Stars and Ratchet & Clank One Dimension Apart in just six months, all of them exclusive to PS5, and it’s something that wants to imitate Xbox to nourish its consoles with new exclusives. When has not been specified, but it will take place in the future.

The truth is that Xbox Game Studios wastes talent on all four sides. There are large-scale studies such as The Coalition, 343 Industries, Playground Games, Rare, Obsidian, Bethesda, or Ninja Theory, but also others on a smaller scale such as Double Fine or InXile Entertainment, among many others. If Microsoft’s machinery streamlines development processes, the result can be overwhelming.

Matt Booty is aware that Xbox Series X | S have not had too many exclusive titles since their launch in November 2020, and he wants to improve this going forward. This year may already be irreparable, but From 2022, exclusive first party will begin to be launched with more frenquency, with the ambition to do so every quarter, according to Microsoft.

Fountain: GamesRadar

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