Microsoft is developing its own ‘dongles’ for xCloud

Microsoft está desarrollando sus propios 'dongles' para xCloud 30

Microsoft is developing your own streaming devices as part of the strategy to drive the adoption of Xbox Game Pass, the Microsoft game subscription service that is not yet competing with Stadia and co, but will do so very soon and forcefully, as xCloud is ready for action.

Basically, we talk about Microsoft creating its own Chromecast, to name it in a way that is quickly understood, with the aim of offering devices specially designed for the task to which they are going to be directed: allowing the user to connect to any screen with HDMI support to play on streaming to the xCloud catalog.

For those who are a little lost, it is worth remembering that Microsoft has Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that gives access to a wide catalog of downloadable games on both Xbox and Windows consoles; and on the other is xCloud, another service, this focused on the streaming in the style of Google Stadia, NVIDIA GeForce Now and the like.

However, Xbox Game Pass has different subscription plans, being the Game Pass Ultimate the most interesting of all, since it not only extends the flat rate of games to Android, but also includes xCloud in the package. And this is an all-in-one like no other company offers up to now; a hoot that can make things difficult for the competition.

In essence, while there are services like Google Stadia, in which you pay a monthly subscription and you can play without limits to the catalog available through streaming; or like NVIDIA GeForce Now, where you pay the monthly fee to play for streaming, but only to those games that you have bought conventionally, for example on Steam; Microsoft’s Ultimate Game Pass goes further.

Microsoft’s proposal with xCloud is in a way similar to a fusion of Stadia and GeForce Now, with the addition of having a much better catalog than the first and of being much faster to get to where its presence will be required, even though it was only a couple of months since the service began its closed beta phase on Windows and iOS.

Previously, it had already been announced that Microsoft was introducing the xCloud application in the new models of various smart TV brands and even before that there was already rumor about the possibility that the company would develop its own connector for TV, which is what which is confirmed now. And how from PC the access will be made through the web browser… we’re all here.

It only remains to be verified, and for that it is necessary for time to flow and events to follow, if the model that the technological giants are betting on, from Google Stadia to Amazon Luna or Microsoft’s xCloud itself, is unsustainable in the medium term or not. The big studios do not see it and for ordinary mortals it is just another bloodletting that is added to the Netflix, Spotify and other subscriptions of the moment, but …

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