Loki’s funny gag that parodies a surprising real event

Loki's funny gag that parodies a surprising real event

Since yesterday it is available on Disney Plus Loki, the new series of the Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which is becoming a new hit for Marvel Studios, earning an almost round score on Rotten Tomatoes.

As is often the case with Marvel Studios seriesThere are always a multitude of hidden details that the most astute fans will notice, such as the connection between Loki and Scarlet Witch episode 1 and Vision that many have overlooked.

But in this case we are going to focus on a much less hidden detail, since it is mentioned within the series itself, but that very few know about it. While the agent Mobius talk to Loki to convince him to collaborate with the Temporal Variation Agency and the Guardians of Time, shows him some episodes from his past, including a moment in which Loki is on Earth, aboard a plane and wears a suit and sunglasses.

Answering by the surname Cooper, Loki He hands a flight attendant a note and urges her to read it, claiming that he is carrying a bomb. The plane is then shown standing on an airstrip and Loki, in his seat, satisfied with how his plan is progressing. Shortly after, the plane flies over the skies again and the stewardess hands Loki a briefcase full of money, with which he parachutes before Heimdall transports him through the Bifröst back to Asgard. It is then that the God of Deception admits that this was all because of a bet he made with Thor.

Those of you who have seen Prison Break will surely be familiar with the name of DB Cooper mentioned in the loki series and the history that surrounds you. And it is that the plane gag parodies a surprising real event that took place on November 24, 1971, where a man in his 40s in a suit and sunglasses who called himself Dan B. Cooper flew from Portland to Seattle in a Boeing 727 with Northwest Orient Airlines.

Shortly after takeoff, Cooper passed a note to flight attendant Florence Schaffner. As in the series, she understood that the note contained her phone number and put it in her bag without looking at it. Then Cooper whispered to her, “Miss, you better look at the note. I have a bomb.” The stewardess obediently sat next to him and could see several cables inside Cooper’s briefcase. The man asked him for $ 200,000, four parachutes and a fuel truck in Seattle to refuel the plane upon arrival.

Fulfilling all his demands, the plane took off again and Cooper locked the entire crew in the cabin, but not before picking up the briefcase with the money. When the plane landed in Reno, authorities verified that Cooper was gone and that he had parachuted with the money somewhere between Seattle and Nevada City. Despite the investigations and searches that were carried out, the case was never resolved or who the certain DB Cooper really was, although part of the missing money was found.

What do you think the scene of the plane from the Loki series that parodies the real case of DB Cooper?

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