Huke, a professional gamer, admits to using drugs to win the Call of Duty League

Huke, a professional gamer, admits to using drugs to win the Call of Duty League

The champion of the Call of Duty League 2020Cuyler ‘Huke’ Garland has opened up about his use of Adderall at the height of his career and the settling of scores he faced. Huke says he started using drugs around 18, years before he became a promising youngster and Call of Duty pro. Adderall is a drug that is part amphetamine and dextroamphetamine, it helps improve concentration and focus, working as a Stimulating the central nervous system.

Huke describes the drug as a way to deal with pressure on the CDL, but it didn’t do him any good. “I won championships and I was not feeling well. Inside, I was very grateful for winning … but days later I stopped doing it. It was mostly for one thing since I, at that time, was taking Adderall“. Suffered mood swings playing competitive and it affected him personally.

Huke says he remembers the joy it gave him to compete, but that was not using drugs, starting CDL 2021 already decided to quit drugs for healthier habits. Meditation, eating better and cold showers were his remedies to avoid falling back on Adderall, with noticeable changes in behavior, it was what gave him strength to stay clean. After playing a few games without this substance, he regained confidence and celebrated the positive changes with his team at that time, Dallas empire.

His 180 degree turn off the dope had noticeable changes in behavior, many noticed that and rumors spread. “They began to attract my attention for many things. I understood it and took it, it was like maybe I was too positive and I started to believe in many things about my colleagues and environment and it came to my headEven though he left it, his confidence was on the rocks, Empire left him on the benchHe found out from his brother and things did not go for the better because he felt left out.

This year, maybe I was with low defense during the second half and nobody said anything to me, to tell the truth nobody encouraged me“it said in the video. Came to LA Thieves and describes it as his revival for his love in CoD, although stories using psychedelics began to emerge and many of the team thought for them that he had problems, the rumors had made his positive changes have a different impact.

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Some pros and friends called him “Crazy Cuyler” as if he had a problem with drugs and these rumors affected his career, especially because LA Thieves she sat him down shortly after arriving. “Toxicity in the pro scene, and in general, can be harsh at times. I’m sorry if I get everyone’s attention, but we have to do better“, He said.

Huke will later be among the LA Thieves members, but claims that the CoD community “has lost its way” from what it means to be a pro’s dream; call on the competitive scene to make improvements.

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