House of Ashes, the new installment of the Dark Pictures Anthology, already has a release date

House of Ashes, the new installment of the Dark Pictures Anthology, already has a release date

At the Summer Game Fest we have seen some totally new games, but many of them we already knew. That does not mean that we really wanted to see some titles in motion, and that is the case with House of Ashes.

A few weeks ago we told you everything you need to know about the third installment of The Dark Pictures Anthology, that anthology, as its name says, of horror created by Suppermassive Games, who have already demonstrated his good work with the horror genre in Until Dawn and the first two installments of The Dark Pictures Anthology.

From the Pacific of Man of Medan and the lost village of the deep North America of Little Hope we go to Iraq, specifically at the end of the 2003 Iraq War in which a US Army special operations group has to search for a chemical weapons warehouse.

However, everything goes wrong and, both Americans and enemies appear in a Sumerian tempo thousands of years old in which, of course, they are going to find strange and terrifying beings.

Before continuing, We leave you the new trailer for House of Ashes:

We will have five controllable characters and, as in the previous installments, the game will put before us a lot of decisions that will make us choose between one path or another and, Although the saga is characterized by a very good use of shadows, this time it seems that this section will be deepened, turning it, practically, in a playable mechanic.

In addition to the trailer, the other news is the release date. And it is that, House of Ashes coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC on October 22. Are you ready for terror?

We remind you that in this link you have the summary of the Summer Game Fest with all the news of the event.

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