Gameplay and release date for Elden Ring, the long-awaited game from From Software and George RR Martin

A new clip of Elden Ring is leaked, which could arrive "before April 2022"

At E3 2019 we had one of the best announcements of that year and also the only ‘real’ material we’ve seen from Elden Ring.

There is a lot, a lot of anticipation for this new game developed by From Software with a script by George RR Martin, creator of the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ saga, but so far, and after two years that have seemed like five years, we had only had filtered art and the 2019 trailer. Until now.

And, although some sources said yes and others no, we expected Elden Ring to be at the Summer Game Fest and, after a mini-roll by Ryan Reynolds, in the end we have seen the new of Miyazaki at the event.

We really wanted to tell you this: “here is the new trailer for Elden Ring, now with gameplay“:

The game looks really beastly and we really want to have more information that allows us to delve into its mechanics -something that From Software controls perfectly- and in the story, but above all in that RPG component that the video game will have along with the unmistakable style of FromSoftware. And yes, it seems we’ve seen invocations too.

However, Why did we have to wait so long to get this new Elden Ring trailer? The answer will not surprise you at this point, and it is that COVID-19 seems to have seriously affected the way the studio works and the game, scheduled for 2020, ended without a public release date.

Elden Ring release date? January 21, 2022.

While we wait, we remind you that in this link you have everything that has been presented at the Summer Game Fest.

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