E3 2021 – The Prime Matter label is born and announces 12 new games for the coming months

E3 2021 - The Prime Matter label is born and announces 12 new games for the coming months

Undoubtedly one of the great news that this E3 2021 leaves us is the creation of a new video game publisher. Its name is Prime Matter, and it is a Koch Media company (which in our country distributes Square-Enix, Capcom or Deep Silver titles).

Prime Matter was born, in the words of its managers, to offer us impressive games from anywhere in the world. It is not a publisher of “indie” games (although they also have a place in their catalog) but they will offer triple A experiences.

And for this presentation in society, Prime Matter has presented its first 12 games, from as many studies. As you can see below, the E3 game catalog for this new company is very varied, with launch dates from 2021 to 2023 and in all formats. These will be the company’s first games.

Payday 3

The Prime Matter presentation kicks off with an old acquaintance, developed by Starbreeze. LThe third installment of Payday once again relies on spectacular robberies, made all over the United States, and with a style reminiscent of movies like Heat or They Call Him Bodhi.

Now the members of the gang have already become “the most wanted”, and they face the forces of the law, who will have new resources, in a cooperative online FPS of hectic development. Payday 3 will be released in 2023, and at the moment it is being developed with Unreal Engine 4 (although it could scale to UE 5).

In the images they have shown us, it reappeared Ron Perlman, who played one of the Pay Day 2 characters, The Biker, although we cannot confirm which new characters will be incorporated in this third installment.

Crossfire legion

Crossfire Legion EMBARGO June 10

The second game, is a real-time strategy title, developed by veterans Blackbird Interactive (Homeworld, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War). This is a classic RTS development with a futuristic setting – in which the Military units share the battlefield with mecha and powerful aircraft-.

Crossfire Legion to launch in 2022 on PC, and it is developed with the Unity 3D engine. Enter a campaign, with its corresponding commanders with specific skills and online multiplayer mode. The intention of the study is to reach a more general audience, rather than become a “niche” game.

King´s Bounty II

Lovers of role-playing games will warmly welcome this classic, which brings back tactical turn-based combat. 30 years after the original King’s Bounty, 1C Entertainment (the Russian studio that brought us Ancestors Legacy) is bringing back its medieval fantasy.

During the presentation, the team insisted on the production values ​​of the sequel (it is not an “indie” but a big-budget game) and that is evident in the “assets” that have been shown, with an atmosphere darker and more detailed. Kings Bounty II will be the company’s first game; The release date is August 24, 2021.

In addition to strategic turn-based combat in 3D scenarios, introduces moral decisions that will affect the development of the adventure. It is a game for PC and consoles (also available for Nintendo Switch) that is made with the Unreal Engine 4 engine.

The Last Oricru

The Last Oricru EMBARGO June 10

Goldknights is the Czech studio that has joined Prime Matter in this first batch of games, and its first development is one of the most interesting of the E3 2021 conference. The Last Oricru takes place on a distant planet, Edenia, with a fantastic medieval setting. It is a world at war, in which we will have to forge our own history.

The Last Oricru will be a tough game, influenced by the “soulslike”, which combines elements of combat with the possibility of making decisions that influence the story and the npc (it has already been confirmed that it will feature multiple endings).

The Last Oricru EMBARGO June 10

The most striking thing is that this action RPG (for PC and consoles) incorporates local split-screen multiplayer mode. The difficulty will be adjusted automatically and will display unique cooperative mechanics. Again, it is a game developed with Unreal Engine 4 and with a release date scheduled for 2022.


As in the case of King’s Bounty, we are recovering a classic development. This time uA role-playing game with an isometric perspective and a setting that gives a twist to post-apocalyptic games, The RPG takes us back to 1976, when a strange dome appeared in the desert that could represent an enormous advance for humanity … but from which it cannot be escaped.

At the end of 2021 we will be able to enjoy this development with witty dialogues and a lot of sense of humor, in which the confrontation between classes is shown: warriors, engineers, scientists, criminals … and the leaders. It will be a PC exclusive game, and it will run with the Unity 3D engine.

Gungrave GORE

Gungrave GORE EMBARGO June 10

The first bombshell of the presentation comes from a franchise that has already made its first steps in video games. Gungrave GORE has only been shown through a cinematic trailer, which starts with the unmistakable coffin falling from the sky.

It will be a development of the Korean study IGGYMOB, with an action-packed revenge story in the third person. This brief introduction has left us sensations reminiscent of the great hack and slash of the generation, such as Devil May Cry or Bayonetta.

Gungrave GORE EMBARGO June 10

Still It has no release date, for PC and consoles, and at the moment it also runs on Unreal Engine 4 (Although it is one of the games that could scale to the next version of the Epic graphics engine).

The chant

This horror game is developed by Brass Tokens, a studio made up of veterans from Electronic Arts, Rockstar, The Coalition, and the film industry. It is a third-person adventure, which takes place on an island in the northeast Pacific, to which we go in search of spiritual enlightenment.

Quickly, things go wrong and our protagonist will have to investigate the actions of a dark cult “new age”, while faces creatures of psychedelic horror. There will be elements of investigation and combat, based on the creation of our own spiritual weapons. On the other hand, The Chant forgoes the classic HUD with information on health or ammunition, and all the information will be reflected in the light levels on the screen.

The game will arrive in spring 2022 on both PC and consoles, and again, it’s powered by the Unreal Engine 4.

Final Form

Metroid fans will surely be familiar with the approach of Final Form. A frenetic first-person shooter set in a smart ship, which is heading to an unknown world. We control a humanoid, who finds remains of an alien civilization.

Our ship is boarded by hostile forces, and we have to configure the Valkyrie combat suit to face them (there is even a move that recalls the morph ball). It is a game developed by the Reino Games studio for PC and consoles, which will feature a cooperative mode for 3 players. The release date is yet to be confirmed.


Dolmen EMBARGO June 10

Prime Matter presents another horror game, inspired by the work of Lovecraft and set in space (with elements reminiscent of Dead Space).

East Action RPG has been in development since 2016, and in some sequences it has also reminded us of a “soulslike” like The Surge (due to the close-range combat system, with parry and special attacks, and the saving of games in probes).

Dolmen EMBARGO June 10

Dolmen’s release is scheduled for 2022 on PC and consoles, and it has been confirmed that it will have multiplayer mode.

Echoes of the End

Echoes of the End EMBARGO June 10

Perhaps one of the biggest surprises of the presentation, although it is still in a very primitive state of development. It is the only game that has confirmed its development in Unreal Engine 5 and it tells us the story of the murderer Ryn (played by actress Aldis Amah Hamilton, from the Netflix series The Valhalla murders) and the scholar Abram, traveling through old runes -with a gameplay full of combats, puzzles and exploration-.

Echoes of the End EMBARGO June 10

Will appear on PC and next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, and at the moment, it lacks a release date.

Scars Above

Scars Above EMBARGO June 10

Mad Head Games is the Serbian development team presenting Scars Above (a clever pun). It is a third-person action adventure that takes place on a hostile planet. The key is. in the use of credible weapons and in the harshness of the creatures that await us in the caves and swamps of this world.

It will appear next year on PC and consoles, and we have already been able to enjoy a fairly advanced gameplay, in which some puzzles are shown and even a confrontation with a boss (we hope it is a boss, because if not, we will have a very difficult time).


At the moment, the only thing we know is that this game (new version of the classic) is in development in the hands of Saber Interactive. No release date, no platforms, not even production designs yet. It is the title that closes the first batch of Prime Matter games, which we welcome with open arms.

In addition to the new titles, the arrival of games prior to new platforms. Kingdom Come Deliverance to launch on Nintendo Switch, Phoenix Pint and Mont & Blade II will hit current consoles, while Iron Harvest and Outward Definitive Edition have been confirmed for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Lastly, three DLCs will be released for Wasteland 3.

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