Dungeons & Dragons announces its expansion to Spain and other European countries by the end of the year

Dungeons & Dragons announces its expansion to Spain and other European countries by the end of the year

Known in Spain as Dungeons and Dragons, the popular fantasy saga Dungeons & Dragons It is one of the best known in geek culture. The TV series, movies and mainly the book saga They have been on everyone’s lips since the 90s, and it is not in vain that we will have a new RPG video game, called D&D Dark Alliance, which will arrive on PC and consoles on June 22nd.

However, we are not here to talk about the video game. Traditionally English speaking, The Dungeons & Dragons franchise has officially announced its expansion into European territories, which will be produced later this year. Specifically, Wizards of the Coast has revealed that from September new localized products will arrive in Spanish, German, French and Italian.

Of course, this means that Dungeons & Dragons will break down language barriers and will expand in Spain, with new books, merchandising products and much more. Do not forget that the series has become more popular than ever, and its growth since 2014 (when its fifth season was launched) It has been overwhelming.

For starters, through its website, Wizards of the Coast has announced that The Core Rule Books series and the Essentials Kit will arrive next fall, updating its misprints and with translations for Spain, Italy, Germany and France. Not only that, but also previous D&D books will be published again, but this time in Spanish and with new content fully updated. There is still no specific release date, yes.

However, the first details about prices have been shared. Dan Barret, Director of D&D for EMEA, announces that all the new books can be purchased in physical stores and online, available in hardcover and a price of 39.99 euros. Of course, the popular Dungeons & Dragons tabletop RPG will return to stores, updated in content and with the new translation.

We are excited to continue with D & D’s strong growth in Europe by adding four more languages ​​starting in September: French, German, Italian and Spanish. We look forward to introducing more fans to the best RPG in the world in the years to come as we bring these products to more stores than ever before and make our game easier to learn for fans in these markets” Dan Barret explains.

Dungeons & Dragons

Not surprisingly, this expansion of D&D in Europe also will result in increased support for the fan community. Will be improved the official website, with new languages ​​available, and this will also affect official accounts on different social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Wizards of the Coast also promises to get more involved, with events and streams via Twitch and YouTube.

The first dates (not about the new Core Rule Books and the Essentials Kit) for Europe have also been unveiled by Wizards of the Coast, although some will vary depending on the country they are directed to. The objective is strengthen the Dungeons & Dragons brand in Europe and Latin America, giving greater emphasis to breaking down the language barrier.

Dungeons & Dragons

  • 24th September: Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit, containing everything you need to start playing D&D for the first time.
  • 24th September: Player Manual, Dungeon Master’s Guide, and Monster Manual
  • October 19: Basic Rule Book Gift Set – Available for the first time outside of English, this beautiful premium game case contains the Basic Rule Book Collection with foil book covers and a new DM display (same artwork as in the English dungeon kit).

The expansion of Dungeons & Dragons in Spain, Italy, France and Germany will occur from next month of September, with new updates, languages ​​and revised content. The products will arrive a month later in Latin America, and of course next June 22 Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance is coming, the new RPG of the saga for PC and consoles.

Source: Wizards of the Coast

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