Days Gone on PC already has a mod to play in first person

Days Gone 2 was in development in 2020, according to former Bend Studio director Jeff Ross in a new interview.

Days Gone, the game of Bend Studio who came first like PS4 exclusive, was released last May on PC. The game, which has been available to PC players for almost a month, was only a matter of time before it began to have its own round of mods. And that’s when now we leave you with this interesting and curious creation to play in first person.

Medicbobs, this is what its creator is called, has published this interesting and curious mod for Days Gone, as you can imagine, it serves to put yourself in Deek’s shoes, its protagonist. According to the modder himself, what the mod does is change the perspective to a first person for most (but not all) of the game’s actions.

Going a bit more in details about the mod, the camera has been changed from a third to a first person, as well as crouching and sprinting. In the same way, this view is also available when jumping through windows and interiors, but the thing is not there and the “mechanics to hide“.

These will be in a first person by default, although however and by changing some files of the mod, this view in the cameras can be revert to a third person. On the other hand, the combat in the game is still in the third person, but if there is a lot of demand the modder could update the mod in the future so that the combat is in the first person.

By last, driving and climbing such as stairs they have also been left in the third person. But as we say, depending on the popularity of the mod there may be improvements in the future.

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¿How do you see this new Days Gone mod on PC that adds first person to the Bend Studio game?

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