Corsair presents TC60 Fabric, a gaming chair with a discreet design

Silla gaming Corsair TC60 Fabric

Expanding its offer of gaming peripherals, Corsair unveiled the new TC60 Fabric this week, its latest gaming chair with a discreet design that comes with some finishes and simple lines, betting on a more discreet aesthetic instead of the showy racing-format chairs, maintaining all the advantages of its predecessors such as ergonomic design, 3D armrests, a hydraulic spring, and premium materials of high quality and comfort.

And it is that the most striking thing about this chair is undoubtedly the presence of a soft and breathable finish fabric, which will achieve a better redistribution of heat avoiding its retention to keep the head, back and complete rest of the players in a cooler temperature.

Once again, we will once again see a special emphasis on the search for maximum comfort and functionality, with some adjustable armrestss that they will be able to move vertically, horizontally, forwards or backwards; a class 3 gas spring made of steel which will allow us to adjust the seat height up to 100 mm; and a wide-format backrest with recline capacity up to 105 °, which combined with an adjustable recline tension, will offer us a perfect freedom of position for the most intense games and the moments to relax after them.


Although it never ceases to amaze us the absence of the classic removable neck or lumbar cushions of their other chairs, substituting their presence for a few small memory foam reinforcements directly incorporated into the ergonomic design of the backing of the TC60 Fabric, helping us to maintain these healthier postures without affecting its minimalist and sober design.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the use of five heavy-duty 65-millimeter double wheels, capable of sliding smoothly on most surfaces, including rugs or carpets.

Availability and price

Currently we can already find the TC60 Fabric chair available through the official Corsair website, in addition to other local distributors such as PcComponents or Amazon, where you will share your fairly cheap starting price of just 250 euros.

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