Control available for free on the Epic Games Store this week; Genshin Impact with exclusive rewards

Control available for free on the Epic Games Store this week;  Genshin Impact with exclusive rewards

Control is this week’s free game on the Epic Games Store. Remedy Entertainment’s acclaimed action adventure paranormla is the latest of the “mystery games” to be offered free on the Epic Games store for PC. Every Thursday, the store gives away one or two games from its catalog, but these last few times it has played the mystery, and did not reveal which ones until the day came.

Therefore, you have until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, June 17 (CEST time, Spanish peninsular) to claim free Control in the Epic Games store. Once you do, you will keep it free forever. If you haven’t played it yet, this is your chance to discover an exciting adventure, with very cinematic touches, set in a harrowing government building that houses a kind of “paranormal FBI”.

The protagonist, Jesse Faden, will gain powers, such as being able to manipulate the minds of enemies, throw objects through the air and even propel herself in the air, as if flying. This gives rise to a very intense action, within a development “metroidvania”: a labyrinthine map that we will have to go through several times as we obtain new powers to access more areas.

Likewise, Epic Games highlights Genshin Impact as one of their free games of the week. On Steam, mobiles and PlayStation, the miHoYo RPG is already free to play, but on its debut on the Epic Games Store they will give a gift with special rewards, which will also be available for a limited time, until June 17 at 17.

To enjoy the rewards, you will have to enter the GenshinEpi codec. Recently, Genshin Impact has received a summer update with new islands to explore … and very expensive bathing suits.

Likewise, what will be the free games for next week have been announced: Hell is other demons Y Overcooked! two. The first is a 2D roguelite shooter and platformer, and the second is a crazy multiplayer party game where you cook meals on time in kitchens full of obstacles. Both will be available for free between June 17 and June 24.

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